Here are 39 Interesting Maine facts.

1-5 Maine Facts

1. Maine has laws prohibiting the use of outdoor advertising with billboards. – Source

2. Maine’s state flower is a pinecone. – Source

3. It is illegal to smoke in cars with children in Maine. – Source

4. In 2017, a dairy company in Maine lost a lawsuit about overtime pay due to the absence of the Oxford comma. – Source

5. If you hit a moose with your car in Maine, you get first dibs on the carcass. – Source

6-10 Maine Facts

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6. The state of Maine only has one area code (207), with the exception of four residents who use the area code of Quebec (418). – Source

7. There is a 99.26% correlation (r=0.992558) between divorce rates in Maine and the per capita consumption of margarine. – Source

8. Maine is the closest U.S. state to Africa. – Source

9. Camden, Maine will give 2.8 acres to anyone who can bring a business to town that will employ at least 24 people after five years. – Source

10. The Seaside Inn in Kennebunkport, Maine has been in continuous operation under the Gooch family since 1667, making it one of the oldest companies in the United States. The Inn is currently owned by the twelfth generation descendants. – Source

11-15 Maine Facts

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11. The state of Maine debated legislation that would outlaw the use of tomatoes in chowder, thereby prohibiting the Manhattan Chowder. – Source

12. The creators of Cards Against Humanity bought an island in Maine and named it Hawaii 2. – Source

13. Since most maps of the U.S. are non-cylindrical (so flat vs. curved) Maine incorrectly appears to be the Northernmost State in the lower 48. Minnesota actually is the northernmost state. – Source

14. Maine is the only U.S. state not known to have any dangerously venomous spiders. – Source

15. The State of Maine’s population is 95.0% White. (Highest in the U.S.) – Source

16-20 Maine Facts

16. Maine is one of the only two states in which you can reliably text 911 in an emergency. – Source

17. The most affordable private island for sale in the world is in Maine and it is about half an acre at high tide. – Source

18. There’s a town in Maine where 83% of the population speaks French. – Source

19. The seal of Portland, Maine features a phoenix and the motto Resurgam – Latin for I will rise again because it has survived 4 major fires. – Source

20. In Maine, there was a hearsay law that Christmas decorations must be removed by January 14th or accept a fine. – Source

21-10 Maine Facts

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21. There is an airport in Maine that used to be an alternate space shuttle landing site and serves as an international diversion destination. When international flights entering or leaving the country experience mechanical or security emergencies, they usually divert to Bangor International Airport. – Source

22. In 1820, Maine was created from Massachusetts so the U.S. would have an equal number of slave and free states after Missouri was admitted. – Source

23. Maine officials spend hundreds of dollars a year to replace the frequently stolen “Katie Crotch Road” sign. Attempts to rename the street have failed, even though nobody knows where the name comes from. – Source

24. It is illegal for performers to drink on stage in Maine. – Source

25. There was a topless protest in Portland, Maine, which resulted in no incidents. Ironically, the female organizer was enraged people showed up to look the marcher’s breasts. – Source

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