Here are 15 Interesting Maple Syrup facts.

1-5 Maple Syrup Facts

1. Maple trees aren’t the only trees tapped for maple syrup. The sap from Pine, Birch and Black Walnut trees also produce edible syrup. – Source

2. Canadians make a candy called tire d’érable by pouring maple syrup on snow, then rolling it onto sticks. – Source

3. Canada has a maple syrup cartel. – Source

4. Maple syrup bottles have little handles on them because they originally came in 5lb containers that needed handles to hold, so when shrinking the bottle the handle was kept on because people associated the handle with that product. – Source

5. A man was fined $9.4 million and sentenced to 8 years in jail for stealing 3,000 tonnes of maple syrup which cost $18.7 million from Quebec reserve in 2012. – Source

6-10 Maple Syrup Facts

6. Maple syrup has more calcium than milk. – Source

7. Abolitionists used Maple Syrup in their cooking because molasses and cane sugar were both slave crops. – Source

8. Because maple syrup doesn’t always look good on camera, many food advertisers replace it with motor oil in commercials. – Source

9. North-Eastern Native American tribes used maple syrup to enhance and improve the taste of their dishes. Making maple syrup production one of the few agricultural processes that is not a European colonial import. – Source

10. It takes 40 gallons of tree sap to make 1 gallon of maple syrup. – Source

11-15 Maple Syrup Facts

11. Grades of maple syrup indicate color and flavor, not quality: Grade A is lighter and milder than grade B. – Source

12. The maple syrup event: A maple syrup scent wafted through NYC on random occasions for a period of years. No one knew where the scent was coming from until 2009 when the scent was traced to a factory in NJ that processed seeds that let off a volatile compound that smells like maple syrup. – Source

13. Due to food rationing during the WWII, people in the U.S. were encouraged to stretch their sugar rations by sweetening foods with maple syrup and maple sugar, and recipe books were printed at that time to help housewives employ this alternative source to cane sugar. – Source

14. Maine has a holiday just for Maple Syrup. Families go out to the producers and buy maple syrup, take tours, go on hayrides, see animals, and eat maple food. – Source

15. IHOP (the International House of Pancakes) has only 1 location out of 1400 that serves actual maple syrup. – Source

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