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  1. Widdly Scuds says:

    Ichthys – Jesus Fish

    By ‘pagan’, the poor description means that this fish symbol represents the astrological AGE OF PISCES (~100 BC to ~2500 AD). Our little tiny solar system flies through space along an orbital path that takes ~25,920 years. The segments of this journey have been historically recognized by the common 12 astrological signs. Think of it as a more significant version of the silly birth-related astrology nonsense.

    The popularized story of jesus is simply an elaborately romanticized version of the same story about the relationship between our little planet and the star we orbit and their relation to the more powerful cosmic bodies around us.

    Ancients had it right.
    Our ever-living sol, the sun, the light of our world, the shepherd of men, the light, the glorious life-giving power that is the SUN… Sound familiar? We never stopped worshiping the sun that supports all life on earth. We just forget that our prophet religions are a hollywood remake of good old sun worship (a thing actually worth worshiping). Some sh*t got taken too literally and the story became too convincing for ancient normies. And of course we killed eachother for centuries over what flavor of sun worship one preferred…and continue to this day. lol humans.

    1. Felix Walken says:


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