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25 Interesting Facts About Melbourne

Here are 25 Interesting Melbourne facts.

1-5 Melbourne Facts

1. The city of Melbourne was almost called “Batmania” after one of it’s founding fathers John Batman. – Source

2. In 2007, Australia spent $84 million on a p*rn filter. It was hacked by a 16-year-old Melbourne student in about 30 minutes. – Source

3. In 2013, Melbourne, Australia assigned it’s trees individual email address with the idea that if citizens had any concerns they could make reports. The plan backfired due to people sending love letters to their favorite trees. – Source

4. In 2004, a supercolony of ants measuring 62 miles wide was discovered under Melbourne, Australia. – Source

5. Every jar of Vegemite ever made has come from the same factory in Melbourne, Australia since 1923. – Source

6-10 Melbourne Facts

6. In South Australia, local aboriginals told officials that “Moomba” meant “let’s get together and have fun” in their language, however, it actually means “up your bum/anus”. As a result, there’s a large mining town and popular Melbourne festival named Moomba. – Source

7. The Melbourne Children’s Hospital has a permanent Meerkat enclosure to help cheer up the patients. – Source

8. Melbourne’s iconic Queen Victoria Market is located on top of the Old Melbourne Cemetery, with more than nine thousand bodies still buried beneath the sheds and carpark. – Source

9. A gay bar in Melbourne once won the legal right to ban women from the bars, because they made the men uncomfortable. – Source

10. Melbourne, Australia has the largest Greek population in the world outside of Greece itself. – Source

11-15 Melbourne Facts

11. The Australian football team, Melbourne FC is the oldest professional football club in the world, being founded in 1859. – Source

12. The first South Sudan cookbook ever published was written in 2018 by a mother from the South Sudanese community in Melbourne, Australia. – Source

13. In 2003, an empty train rolled from Broadmeadows to Spencer Street Station in central Melbourne largely downhill and under the influence of gravity after the driver left to use station amenities. After rolling 16.8 kilometers the train collided (at 75 kph) with a train waiting at a platform. – Source

14. In 1923, Melbourne, Australia descended into chaos when police went on strike for three days due to terrible working conditions. – Source

15. The 1956 Summer Olympics were held in Melbourne, Australia but because of strict quarantine rules, the equestrian events were held in Sweden six months before the rest of the events. – Source

16-20 Melbourne Facts

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16. In 1996, a barrel containing $200,000 was found buried underneath a Melbourne train station. In the same week, another man found a second barrel containing a similar quantity of money. – Source

17. There was a gang in Melbourne made up of members with missing limbs. – Source

18. One of the first Film Studios in the world was established in 1898 in Melbourne, Australia by the Salvation Army. – Source

19. There’s a street in Melbourne, Australia, called AC/DC Lane. It’s the only official street sign to have a lightning bolt through it to represent the “/”. – Source

20. Beyoncé and her curves from the music video “Ghost” are the inspiration behind the 68-story Premier Tower being built in Melbourne, Australia. – Source

21-25 Melbourne Facts

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21. The Westgate Bridge collapse in Melbourne, Australia, was the worst industrial disaster in the country’s history. A 2000 tonne span of the bridge fell and killed 35 workers. – Source

22. The Harold Holt Memorial Swimming Centre in Melbourne is dedicated in honor of an Australian PM who drowned in the ocean in 1967. – Source

23. Melbourne, Australia has a “Cat Cafe” where shelter cats live and interact with customers. If a customer takes a liking to one, they can adopt it and take it home. – Source

24. Opium dens existed in Melbourne, Australia into the 1950s. – Source

25. An LGBT club in Melbourne was raided, all 473 patrons illegally detained and many customers publicly strip-searched by police. – Source


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  • No 25 – I was at that LGBT club the night that happened. It was essentially a drug raid. They kept us there for hours while they searched everybody. The police ended up paying about $10 million in damages and it is known as ‘Melbourne’s Stonewall’.


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