Here are 40 Interesting Millionaire facts.

1-5 Millionaire Facts

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1. Swedish millionaire Johan Eliasch purchased 400,000 acres of the Amazon Rainforest from a logging company for $14,000,000 for the sole purpose of its preservation. – Source

2. 70% of millionaires do not consider themselves “wealthy”. – Source

3. A millionaire announced he would bury his Bentley for his afterlife. After lots of negative reaction, he revealed the publicity stunt about organ donations. “People bury things that are much more valuable than cars and nobody seems to care”. – Source

4. Millionaire Michael O’Leary, CEO of airline Ryanair, has his own taxicab company with just one cab so he can legally use the bus lanes and avoid traffic jams. – Source

5. In Finland, speeding tickets are calculated on a percentage of a person’s income. This causes some Finnish millionaires to face fines of over $100,000. – Source

6-10 Millionaire Facts

6. Despite being a millionaire, Steve Jobs only paid $500 a month in child support to his daughter, Lisa. A girl he named a computer after but attempted to deny paternity for. – Source

7. A banker in a small Florida town encouraged people to buy shares of Coke during the Depression and now the town has “secret Coke millionaires”. – Source

8. America’s first female self-made millionaire was a black woman. – Source

9. Arnold Schwarzenegger was already a self-made millionaire at 22 years old before appearing in his first movie. He used what he learned in school to invest his bodybuilding contest winnings in real estate and to market gym equipment and exercise supplements. – Source

10. George Lucas wants to build affordable housing on his land because ‘we’ve got enough millionaires’. – Source

11-15 Millionaire Facts

11. Microsoft has created an estimated 12,000 millionaires. – Source

12. The TV series ‘Frasier’ was very influential on Seattle. Newly wealthy software millionaires asked real-estate agents for apartments with a view of the Space Needle like what Frasier Crane has. The show helped the city’s culture to change from manufacturing and grunge to what it is today. – Source

13. In 1959, the guy who wrote “Louie, Louie” sold the song’s rights for $750 to pay for his wedding. In the mid-80s, he was living on welfare with his mom in South Central LA, when a lawyer convinced him to take action to get the rights back. He settled out of court and became a millionaire. – Source

14. Sarah Rector, a young black girl, became a millionaire at the age of 11 in 1913 when the land she had been deeded under the Dawes Allotment Act produced a ‘gusher’ that brought in 2500 barrels of oil a day. – Source

15. After a millionaire gave everyone in a Florida neighborhood free college scholarships and free daycare, the crime rate was cut in half and high school graduation rate increased from 25% to 100%. – Source

16-20 Millionaire Facts

16. Singapore has the world’s highest percentage of millionaires, with one out of every six households having at least $1,000,000 US dollars in disposable wealth. – Source

17. At the time of death, Cornelius Vanderbilt was the world richest man and left an estate larger than the US treasury. When 120 of his descendants gathered in 1973, there was not a millionaire among them. – Source

18. Donald Trump tried to sue an author for $5,000,000,000 (yes, billion) because the author called him a millionaire instead of a billionaire. – Source

19. Around 47% of Chinese millionaires plan to emigrate away from China, an additional 20% are not sure yet. – Source

20. Lady Bird Johnson was the first president’s wife to have become a millionaire in her own right before her husband was elected to office. – Source

21-25 Millionaire Facts

21. If you started with $0.01 and doubled your money every day, it would take 27 days to become a millionaire. – Source

22. Switzerland has more millionaires than recipients of social assistance. – Source

23. The Majority of Congressmen are Millionaires. – Source

24. A Florida millionaire was being sued for a wrongful death resulting from DUI, so he adopted his 42-year-old girlfriend because the court had ruled that the trust set up for his children could not be considered as part of his financial worth. – Source

25. A kid made a bet with his parents that if he turned 18 and was a millionaire, they wouldn’t force him to go to college. He first invested in Bitcoin at the age of 12 and now holds investments worth over $1 million. He says he won’t be attending college. – Source

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