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37 Interesting Facts About Mongolia

26-30 Mongolia Facts

26. The capital of Mongolia was only settled permanently after changing location 28 times, each location was chosen ceremonially. – Source

27. In Mongolia, it was believed that sprinkling powdered wolf rectum on food was thought to cure hemorrhoids. – Source

28. In Mongolia, people put children through a contortionist school to prepare for life in the circus. – Source

29. The oldest national park in the world is located in Mongolia. – Source

30. There is an alleged creature reported to exist in Mongolia’s Gobi Desert, whose sightings and reports are disputed or unconfirmed, called the Mongolian death worm. – Source

31-35 Mongolia Facts

31. The currency of Mongolia is the tögrög (or tugrik) and features Genghis Khan. – Source

32. Mongolia’s national beverage is “salted milk tea”, drank by most Mongolians daily. – Source

33. There’s a weather phenomenon in Mongolia called a dzud that has killed over a million livestock – Source

34. Mongolia has an extremely young population, with over 70 percent of people less than thirty years old. – Source

35. Since 2003 only 4 Sumo Wrestlers have been promoted to Yokozuna, the highest rank in Sumo Wrestling, and they are all from Mongolia. – Source

36-37 Mongolia Facts

36. Yurts are still extensively used as homes in Mongolia, even in the major cities. – Source

37. There is an event called The Mongol Rally where participants from all over travel thousands of miles to Mongolia in $100 vehicles. – Source


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