16 Most Powerful Characters in the Marvel Universe

August 19, 2022
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  1. Jim says:

    I know nothing about the “Marvel Universe”, but is it a fact these are the 15 most powerful characters, or just your opinion?

    1. Admin says:

      I might have missed one or two, but these 16 are most probably the most powerful in the Marvel Universe and this is not an opinion.

      1. Jim says:

        My point is that it is not a FACT these are the 16 most powerful Marvell characters. This is an opinion. Different websites have them listed in different orders. I think this is an awesome web site giving me tons little trivia facts. However, this story seems to be out of place.

        1. U dnt knw anytin abt d marvel universe….how can you be calling d strongets in d marvel universe witout mentionin thor,hulk,iron man,quick silver,captain america,storm nd odas…ur bizy callin deadpool…better go find your self in a better memory lane

          1. PurplePoop says:

            I really hope that you are joking mate, because you are so wrong. All of them are not even in the top 50

            1. Michael says:

              top 50? who do you think is the most powerful then?

            2. Mark says:

              Deadpool beat the entire marvel universe. Enough said.

            3. Idontcare says:

              Listen buddy. Captain America is nothing but a pumped fighter with an indestructible boomerang. There are reasons why Hulk is not on this list. His son is far more powerful than him. Quicksilver is useless. What the hell is he going to do against people like Odin and Galactus?!
              As for Thor, he maybe should have been there instad of Vulcan. And Zeus probably too. But to say that CA should be on there? We are talking about gods that can warp reality and have created holes in the plot of Marvel universe.

            4. 'Bo says:

              I hope noone takes your joke seriously most of these guys solo everyone that isnt on the list hulk and Thor a fodder level here

            5. Nadja Perisic says:

              U know Deadpool might be one of the strongest cause he has a healing factor just like Wolverine soo yeah idk why he didn’t add Wolverine too

            6. Varun@nair says:

              what about legion??

            7. Nate says:

              The reason Wolverine or any other people with a healing factor isnt with Deadpool is because Deadpool can break the 4th wall, he is aware that he lives in a comic book universe. not many people have that power, and the only one who might have a chance against Deadpool would be Uatu, the Watcher. It’s not just the healing factor that makes him so powerful.

          2. David says:

            Lmaoo I don’t believe u mentioned cap and storm… Dead pool killed hulk incase you don’t know,

            1. Dude says:

              DeadPool only killed hulk as bruce banner. but if hulk didn’t change back to him. deadpool wouldn’t stand a chance.

            2. Gg says:

              I know who’s the most powerful-it would be Martin Goodman, the founder of Marvel, since he found Marvels. Also the most powerful is Stan Lee, the editor-in-chief of Marvels. If Martin Goodman and Stan Lee did not exist or started this enterprise, then all of these guys above would not exist and get argued over by you guys to find who is the most powerful Marvel character.

            3. glitchhacker says:

              dude. deadpool could beat hulk as he was cursed around this time by thanos to never be able to die. so becuase of that he could kill hulk. but I think the curse was lifted sooo deadpool now might be a lot lower then back then

          3. justin says:

            lmao it has to be a troll c’mon they don’t write complete words and think cap is 1 of the strongest characters thats just silly cap isnt even top 100 but even tho deadpool is my favorite character in comic book history he isnt the strongest his forth wall break is probably one of the strongest powers there is not to mention his healing but out of pure power i would put him lower a lot lower

            1. atheesh says:

              Poda chekka cap is strongest hero of all nee koree umb mm

            2. ravi says:

              agree with atheesh. cap aara mone

          4. Jack K says:

            This comment is one of the most stupid.

          5. Dxent says:

            Read the above characters properly u child

          6. NadxheLi says:

            ??? you’re joking right ??

          7. Shinn says:

            first read “deadpool kills the marvel universe”

            1. Loungston says:

              This list was great, you forgot the Doctor Strange, Zom, Sentry, and Apocalypse

            2. Spencer says:

              Non canon. Plus that wasn’t even deadpool. Carnage, Sentry, Punisher, and Wolverine killed the marvel universe as well. Why aren’t they here?

          8. Damian Del Sol says:

            Your grammar gave me super cancer, sir. The list as mentioned is literally almost correct. Deadpool is a little OP, IMO. But he is the only one that can break the forth wall.

            1. Shawn 07 says:

              Ugh She-hulk can according to me she is the mother of 4rth wall-beaks

            2. The frantic pedantic says:

              A criticism on grammatical grounds can only be seen as ironic coming from one unable to spell ‘fourth’.

            3. Yah says:

              There’s Gwenpool too but she’s not famous enough to be listed here

            4. WaffleMan says:

              It’s not almost true though. What about the beyonders or god king doom or marquis of death or astral regulator thanos or heart of the universe thanos or oblivion.

          9. Arshdeep says:

            Ya iron man is must here and skaar! I mean hulk is better

            1. DarthZannah says:

              Really iron man geez

            2. glitchhacker says:

              to be fair iron man has a suit that basically makes him move light speed it had something todo with him getting a suit in space or something like that. he can travel speed of light (or close to it) and the metal is near unbreakable.

            3. Lol i would send quasar to deal with iron man I mean he broke a shield that even Galactus could not

          10. Subhra Kanti Gayen says:

            Dude…that’s living ribunal, beyonder and one above all there…one above all is literally god. You think hulk and cap and quick silver are much powerful than god? Please don’t make your judgements on those movies. First go read some comic book stuff.

          11. Po says:

            mate, i sure hope you didnt read “deadpool kills the universe” series otherwise you dont know how stupid you sound saying deadpool isnt the strongest

          12. DarthZannah says:

            Um dude those may be strong but the ones listed are even stronger well more powerful

          13. Yathish Gowda says:

            Hahahaha such a lame ?? u dont know any thing all names u listed r not even close to the names above ??

          14. Tyler says:

            This guys list was complete sh*t, I’ll give you that, but apparently you don’t know sh*t either. While Hulk and Thor maybe should have been on this list, there is no way in hell captain America, iron man, storm, or quick silver should ever be anywhere near a most powerful marvel characters list.

            1. Person says:

              Not even hulk. Thor could kick hulk’s a**. Thor is super powerful though. He is a god. He basically can’t die unless mjolnir breaks. He can travel faster than the speed of light. He can control lightning. He can fly. He has rugged good looks. Hulk can smash stuff. Hulk is not powerful at all.

          15. Tone801 says:

            Captian american are you kidding me he would nver make top 50

          16. Deceny says:

            captain america ? wtf

          17. Mace says:

            We don’t base stuff off of movies. The comics are the originals and deserve the spots better

          18. Mace says:

            -1. Bad grammar, hard to read, you don’t know what we are talking about

          19. I can barely understand you, but from what I can tell, all of the men on the list in the least have immortality. The ones you have listed don’t, you may believe that Thor does but I you have seen the latest movie, his father has passed, thus meaning since he’s Odom’s son, he’s a demi god. Either way though it’s all based on opinion, also the only person you talked about w immortality was Deadpool and you were trashing it as well, I do hate the comic where he kills marvel universe though..

          20. bo says:

            someone has only seen the new marvel movies and has no background on the actual comic book omniverse…

          21. Bornz says:

            You really think those people can beat people like galactus and about deadpool you should read the comics

          22. Julian says:

            i don’t think deadpool is the strongest

          23. hatersgonnahate says:

            stop it, moron

          24. Nerd says:

            This a joke btw


            1. Nelspawn says:

              Nyahahaha! Good one!

            2. Smokealot says:

              lol Those are DC characters

          25. Isaac says:

            You’re literally stupid

          26. Ayesha says:

            These top listed are even stronger than the heros you mentioned

          27. You don’t know anything about the English Language apparently…

          28. lauren says:

            bruh are those the only superheros and humans in the marvel universe. and deadpool is probably not as strong in the movies, but in the comics, he’s really strong.

        2. Ken says:

          Some of them are opinion-based, but widely accepted opinions. And some of them are based on fact, such as the Living Tribunal, The Beyonder, The One Above All, Deadpool, Eternity, etc.

          1. Daniel says:

            T’challa is supposed to be on this list as well as Logos (the being formed from Chaos, Order, and the In-Betweener)

            T’challa became the Tiger God and literally ripped Logos to shreds.

            He’s basically one of the strongest superheroes of all time. Fact.

            1. Mace says:

              Logos isn’t on this list, completely putting down your claim

            2. Mace says:

              You mean panther god? Hes a panther and he follows the panther god not the tiger god.

      2. Marc says:

        The picture you have for Hercules is actually ares

        1. Admin says:

          Sorry, I have changed it.

          1. Ismail Rashid says:

            You haven’t

      3. Fred Laner says:

        Without Hulk and Thor, this is dismissable dreaming. Deadpool more powerful than those two? Dude, lay down.

        1. Shoorug says:

          In Deapool vs Marvel (or whatever) Deadpool killed hulk and thor, then left the universe to kill everything in existence.

          1. Luqman says:

            Dude the “Deadpool kills marvel Universe” is non canon and just a “what if” story. and Btw hulk is not even in top 50 man. Rune King Thor Could be.

        2. Red Pandas says:

          Are u stupid?

        3. TheLostOne says:

          *deep sigh*
          “Deadpool KILLED THE MARVEL UNIVERSE.”
          …That includes Hulk and thor… and everyone and everything that ever existed in the MArvel universe…

      4. Shinn says:

        Could deadpool even kill one above all?

        1. Joe says:

          Not even close…

      5. K says:

        Hahaha it is definitely your opinion ?. Ever read world war hulk? Beat everyone in the marvel universe even sentry.

        1. bob says:

          as u can c sentry is not up there. hulk is like a tiny bug compared to these guys.

      6. Jessica says:

        Total Bulls**t, exuse my language. But this is no more than an opinion. And a very stupid one. Deadpool kills the Marvel Universe story wasn’t even in the main storyline. A separate comic, more like fan-fiction. And you didn’t even put Sentry… To anyone who is reading this list, don’t believe it.

        1. M888 says:

          Deadpool is nothing but a mutant. Lol goodluck to him against any psychic or cosmic level being

          1. Surge says:

            Deadpool is a “mutate” Human turned into a mutated being. And yes, he is the most powerful character in the marvel universe. He can break the 4th wall, leave the comic universe, and kill the creators.

            1. Cate says:

              I also like the fact that he is always aware his in the comics. Lol

            2. Shaun Ashmore says:

              Noo he can not he can’t kill the living tribunal bc the living tribunal can’t die he can’t kill eternity or death bc they can’t die so no he is not the strongest and most powerful character in the Marvel Universe.

        2. Arrr says:

          This is the comment I was willing to see! Finally someone!

      7. Derek says:

        Yep Sentry and Blue Marvel

      8. DK Mangang says:

        Why the hell is Deadpool the strongest super hero? I have no idea about this, I really doubt it, it’s really funny….lol.

      9. T says:

        What about singularity she’s practically a walking black hole

      10. Jamison says:

        the one above all is omnipotent he could kill deadpool by thinking about it

      11. Uh huh says:

        “probably but not an opinion”…..

      12. Paladin says:

        I think you’ve made some good choices except for Deadpool

      13. Anonymous says:

        This has to be an opinion because for 1, Vulcan is not as powerful as sentry and sentry wasn’t on the list. For 2, Deadpool is CERTAINLY not more powerful than the TOAA just because he slayed the marvel universe, there were plenty of characters who did that. For 3, Galactus shouldn’t even be on this list because he was slayed by Squirrel Girl who wasn’t on the list. Last for 4, why isn’t Ghost Rider on the list because he was 1 character who slayed the Marvel Universe with ease. GET THIS LIST TOGETHER!!

    2. Name says:

      You are missing protege, thanos with heart of the universe, molecule man, fulcrum, mad Jim Jaspers, fury, and some other people who I can’t think of right now. Dead pool being first was just a joke and some of the characters on you list are mid tier not high tier characters

      1. Learncontrol23 says:

        I think dead pool listed as the strongest is an interesting concept since he’s the only character that can break the 4th wall.

        I do feel like the sentry should be here, despite not being a fan, since he slapped the hell out of galactus and no one has any idea how strong he really is.

        1. ga says:

          Well blonde phantom and Loki broke the wall to.

          Factual strongest characters for marvel universe are: prc beyonder, one above all, thanos with heartov, molecule man, then it can be disputed from here depending on conditions.

          1. Cate says:

            That could be true but, deadpool breaks the fourth wall inside the fourth wall. That’s like sixteen walls.

        2. Bibbidy says:

          Ahem spiderman

      1. Orgelio says:

        Who beat him do u rember he not here

    3. Protege says:

      Just opinion, there are several other that should certainly be included: Protege easily at number 2, Legion, Mr. M or Molecule Man, Hulk instead of Skaar and many more.

    4. I am OLD, so thought to look up something young!! I had an Uncle Thanos who was named after a saint!!! Is there a Thanos in the family of Marvel charactors? Cheers!!!

    5. Kevin Shanil says:

      deadpool shouldn’t even be in this list

    6. Princess_Fiona says:

      No, if is not. This was a horrible list…

      The One Above all
      The Phoenix Force / Nemesis / Life Force
      Living Tribunal
      Never Queen
      The Beyonder / Molecule Man
      The First Firmament
      MiltiEternity / MiltiInfinity / MultiDeath
      Chthon / Shuma-Gorath

      It is something like this….

      TOAA is the creator himself. Then the Phoenix Force, Nemesis and Life Force r creation itself and the Phoenix Force was stated to be second.

      Oblivion is the nothingness that always exists.. then the LT is the judge of all the multiverses.

      Never Queen is the embodiment of possibility, she is a necessity that exists outside of all that is..

      1. Kenshiro says:

        Pre Retcon Beyonder=TOAA

  2. paul says:

    The one among all isn’t as powerful as the beyonder. If you don’t count the retcon, then beyonder was stronger. TOAA is god of the marvel multiverse, but beyonder is from beyond that, he is the rest of the omniverse which is 1000× more than the multiverse, so originally, beyonder is the strongest

    1. Irfaan says:

      Nope, the Beyonder is the sentience of “Beyond”. A paralell reality. You could say he is on par with TOAA.

    2. Dennis says:

      I know you like your idea of the Beyonder, and you are a fan of him and all… But, The One Above All is Stan and Jack… They could simply make TOAA make Beyonder, shall we say, “Non-existent”. So thus, TOAA is the strongest, he is god, no he is just there, you know. He created the Marvel universe, thus he created the Beyonder. Or they created the Beyonder.

      1. KKK says:

        Exactly TOAA is the pencil and paper that writes down these marvel characters how are you gonna say one he made is stronger than him

      2. Kenshiro says:

        No Jim Shooter created the Beyonder and it was Tom Defalco who re-connect him and according to both Jim and Stan pre retcon beyonder is the TOAA of his own realm.

    3. XRay says:

      Nah thanos with hear of universe is

      1. Marvel is amazing says:

        Actually, he’s not that strong. Many heroes can easily defeat him single handedly, and without the infinity stones he’s really, just a wrinkly old grape :/

  3. Irfaan says:

    The pic you put for Hercules is actually the pic of Ares.

  4. Revenawesome says:

    Really disappointed in this list and its follow-up. They’re both open to debate and really poorly written/edited, with a complete lack of references or sources. I’d like to expect more from this website.

  5. ChaosBringer616 says:


  6. David says:

    Following on from the Deadpool post, ‘our’ Deadpool from the mainstream universe managed to kill that Dreadpool at the end of Deadpool kills Deadpool. In this issue it’s revealed that Deadpool actually has the power to change his stories to fit how he thinks they should be, as an example in the issue he is stabbed through the chest with a chainsaw but minutes later his suit is perfectly fine.

  7. Obamu says:

    Skaar smash?

  8. The first says:

    I disagree with dead pool being #1. He should not even be in the top 50. And no scarlet witch. This list sucks. And you forgot the raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy.

    1. Dennis says:

      Since Deadpool was actually able to first figure out that he was a comic book hero and later escape it to kill the authors and then the reader. That would make him the strongest because he could just remove all the other characters, including TOAA.

      1. Majin Matt says:

        Non canon!!!!! Lol

        1. Enoch says:

          no hes from the multiverse, and he dose end up fighting 616 deadpool and the effects of what happened fallow end up in the main canon

      2. Filip says:

        One above all is the strongest, Deadpool killed the marvel universe, but nobody mentioned one above all, or did they ? He was too busy at the moment ? Or you should’ve mentioned Adam warlock, man he made reality and all of universe just disappear in dream ? Btw, one above all is immortal and cannot be defeated

    2. Name says:

      Neither of those characters are top 16. my top 7 list would be:
      1.the one above all
      2.the fulcrum
      3.pre-retain beyonder
      4. Sige-Neg when he absorbed the power of the Big Bang
      5.pre-recon molecule man
      6.thanos with the heart of the universe
      7.protege(might rank higher)

      1. Dadino says:

        Well you have to say the characters at there base power

      2. THE TRUE MARVELER says:

        if you watch other not sooo idiotic lists like the one we have here fella (im not talkin about yours) youd know that the living tribunall is actually the 2 most powerfull

      3. Kenshiro says:

        Pre retcon Beyonder = TOAA

    3. Majin Matt says:


    4. Mikey says:

      the raccoon from guardians of the galaxy. Your joking right deadpool not being in the top 50, do you even know marvel universe or feel like you do so you comment stuff like this

      1. RexTyrant says:

        Scarlett Witch depowered 90% of the mutants on earth when she got upset.

    5. Shawn 07 says:

      Lmafo the raccoon from the GOTG you must be joking , I’m sure he is last lol the raccoon and Scarlett witch is not that powerful as you are expecting

    6. Marvel is amazing says:

      It’s not in a specific order, its just the top 16 strongest beings in the mcu. There’s no order to this list. Deadpool is actually really strong, once defeated the marvel universe. Rocket Raccoon is no where close to the top, he just has amazing fighting tactics and good weapons. He has no unique power, which is why he’s not even in the top 50.

  9. edgardo says:

    falta el hombre molecula el único capas de enfrentar al todopoderoso

  10. cheese says:

    TOAA represents the writer, so he created Deadpool, therefore TOAA is stronger than Deadpool. Deadpool is constantly overrated and he’s just a rip-off of DC’s Deathstroke. Also you missed out characters like Mad Jim Jaspers, Scathan the Approver and Protege. Do some more research next time.

    1. Matt says:

      So what if he’s a copy of deathstroke? Deadpool was created as a joke and was meant to be a blatant ripoff of Deathstroke from the start. So what if TOAA created deadpool? Whether he’s overrated or not, Deadpool still killed the marvel universe, including TOAA. They are at least on equal ground

      1. Name says:

        Deadpool is no where near TOAA. The fact that you think that is super surprising. TOAA is all knowing so if deapool knew that he was in a comic that means TOAA also knows. And besides the strongest character deapool killed in that comic was uatu the watcher ( he did this using a machine he stole from reed Richards so he didn’t even kill him with his own powers)

      2. Jeffrey C Layne says:

        Thats not canon

        1. Kevin says:

          Yes it is, Jeffrey. Read the whole killogy. He’s from non-616, and 616 DP had to stop him.

  11. Smith says:

    Was it Dreadpool, not Deadpool who killed the writers? He’d realised that with infinite versions of characters that he couldn’t kill them all, since he can only do them in one at a time, hence he could never achieve his aim. So how does that make him no.1? And when the writes die, then everything else dies, including everythign he is trying to kill. So he is either god of nothing, or insane and imagining it.

    1. Majin Matt says:

      Non canon. Lol fake

      1. Kevin says:

        Read the whole killogy, Majin. It’s canon.

  12. Ant says:

    PLEASE dead pool is up there but not superman

    1. Admin says:

      Superman isn’t a Marvel character.

    2. Mikey says:

      you are not very smart are you. Superman isn’t even marvel he’s a DC character

    3. You disappoint me, you should read the comics or in the least a movie or two

  13. Squirrel Girl! says:

    You forgot one… the all mighty Squirrel Girl, who easily defeated Deadpool, too, when Deadpool got out of control. So that really makes her the most powerful entity in the marvel universe. Nice 😀

    1. Majin Matt says:

      Deadpool and squirrel girl should. It be anywhere near this list. Non canon horse fodder

  14. Majin Matt says:

    First of all, Deadpool should not be on this list. He shouldn’t even be in top 100. Get that non canon crap out. Second where the heck is Thanos?????? He should be on list.

    1. afa says:

      he killed everyone in the marvel universe and litteraly caant die only one who could beat him i think is thanos cuz he gave deadpool his immortality and he could easily take it away and kill him

      1. Aliou says:

        So deadpool should not be on that top because he is just a fourth wall breaker and nos the most powerful Marvel character is Jack kirby (One above all )
        But wait if deadpool can kill Stan Lee (he should not do that or i ‘m going To kick his a** ) so deadpool is more than one above all ..

    2. Mikey says:

      I agree shouldn’t be #1, but not top 100? now you’re just being stupid. He is immortal and already killed or tried to kill everyone in the marvel universe so just shut up before you make yourself even more dumb

    3. Kevin says:

      Read the whole killogy, son. You’re wrong.

  15. Majin Matt says:

    U also forgot Oblivion and the celestials. At least have Arishem in there. You’re list needs to be revised IMO

  16. Majin Matt says:

    Molecule man is missing too

  17. Majin Matt says:

    Really surprised Thanos is not on list. He collected 4-6 infinity stones from cosmic beings without even fighting. Simply outsmarted them. Knowledge is power too.

  18. Majin Matt says:

    Holy smoke! And I forgot like literally one of if. Or the most powerful character as well in Marvel. The GodKiller. A being more than 25000 feet tall that killed ALL of the celestials easily. Where is it on the list? The GodKiller is easily top 5. There is no way it shouldn’t be on this list as well. Lol

  19. Khayel Noragami says:

    DeadPool may have killed all the Marvel universe on his comics… DeadPool comics are jokes and don’t deserve to be taken seriously just like the silver age SuperMan!

    the strongests characters on the enterteniment are: Goku, SuperMan, One Punch Man, Beyonder – One Above all is just GOD, so, doesn’t count…

    1. Michael says:

      One punch man beats all

    2. Sensei says:

      … Goku really

    3. Ivan Filizzola says:

      Actually, the Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is far stronger than all of your “strongest characters on the entertainment” list. It’s lenght is about 500.000 universes, and the pilots have unlimited evolving power, the only thing they need to do to keep evolving is to have enough will to do so. So basically the Super Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is more powerful than all of those (excluding The One Above All of course which is literally God) in your list.

    4. Kevin says:

      You not liking him doesn’t matter. Grow up. son.

    5. Mace says:

      He counts. He is a character. Also Deadpool is bae

  20. christopher rose says:

    Deadpool #1 obviously a joke. My opinion the list is pretty good but some characters should be ahead of others. Protege not on list, good choice. … he is from some random universe and dose not deserve a spot on the list but. Pre retcon molecule man, infinity, thanos and tyrant should def be on there. …

    1. Jaymond says:

      Look at the post that is 3 below you

      1. Jaymond says:

        Actually 2 below THIS one

  21. john says:

    umm deadpool? saying that deadpool is the strongest is like saying a god that eats planets is the worse than just a guy who can heal superfast

    1. Hotforhotshots says:

      Lets assume you are The God. And if I kill you and erase all of your creations out of existence does’t that make me stronger than you?

  22. Dennis E says:

    where is thanos?

    1. THE TRUE MARVELER says:

      Thanos is nothing without the infinity stones (glove)

      1. Ethan says:

        He’s not even anything WITH the gauntlet. Living Tribunal made it not work because he wanted to.

        Now HOTU is a different matter. Thanos had to depower himself or else there’s nothing anyone could have done. He consumed literally everyone.

  23. Luke Stewart says:

    I have an argument

    Bobby, the “iceman” is also one of the strongest he just doesnt know how to use his powers to their full potential, he thinks hes freezing things with water but really hes pulling so much energy out of that area that it freezes. So in theory he would be abke to destroy everything. Even galactus by freezing him and then breaking the ice quickly or somethings, so i think iceman should be there

  24. Wukong says:

    Wtf!! Dude you forgot about the SENTRY? DARK SENTRY (VOID) & the DEATH SENTRY?

    1. Wukong says:

      SENTRY With the power of million exploding sun, he even stalemated or defeated Galactus, able to break Hulk limbs like a twig and he even fought all the Marvel roosters in The Siege. Check it clearly dude.



    1. Mace says:

      Read the comics. You need to actually know what this is about.

    2. James says:

      Deadpool can just completely leave the Marvel universe and erase TOAA completely.

  26. Razmig says:

    I don’t know much about Marvel, but isn’t One-Above-All the strongest character? I mean, isn’t he God? or Jack Kirby as I’ve heard?

  27. Ethan says:

    PR Beyonder was more powerful than TOAA.

    Molecule Man was stated to be the most powerful being in the universe, without exception, and Beyonder slapped his sh*t in a single panel.

    1. Kerry says:

      I have a Cosmic Beings Appreciation Group on Facebook and I would just like to suggest a list for you before you even consider characters Deadpool, Hercules or Skarr…

      TOAA (The One Above All) … not to be confused with the Celestial named that.

      Pre-Retcon Beyonder

      Pre-Retcon Marvel Brother

      Pre-Retcon Molecule man

      Thanos {empowered with The Heart Of The Infinite)

      Akhenaten {empowered with The Heart Of The Infinite)

      Living Tribunal


      Phoenix Force

      Goblin Force

      Rabum Alal

      Megan {full potential with the power of Beyond etc…)

      Captain Britain {with Excalibur Sword & Amulet of Truth)

      Owen Reece {Post-Retcon Molecule Man)

      Alien Entity

      Beyonders (Ivory Kings)



      Korvak {potentially fully powered)

      Mad Jim Jaspers



      Nemesis (Infinti)

      Thanos (with the Infinity Gauntlet)

      Adam Warlock (with the Infinity Gauntlet)

      Merlin & Roma







      Wanda {House of Marvel full powered version)

      Genis-vell {insane & at full power)

      White Phoenix of the Crown





      Galactus {at the potential of his full power)




      Lord Chaos

      Master Order





      Franklin Richards {at full potential)




      Shaper of Worlds




      Thanos {with a Cosmic Cube power)










      Mistress Love

      Sire Hate

      Chronus (Kronos)







      Trinity of Ashes


      Sky Fathers (Odin, Zeus, Atum etc..)

      Dark Gods




      Elders of the Universe


      There are more but this is a rough list. Most of these can destroy characters like Hulk or Hercules and the like on a subatomic level or in some cases think them out of existence. Without PIS or gag plots involving Squirrel Girl or Deadpool, or any non canon plots, the cosmic entities pose no danger from less than herald level characters.

  28. Dave says:

    Where the hell is hulk ?

    1. Jaymond says:

      Did you not read about Skaar? He is way more powerful than hulk. Go and actually look at the comics and NOT JUST THE g*ddamn MOVIES! this is about comic books, not movies that show none of the 100ish most powerful

      1. K says:

        Hahaha yeah ever read world war hulk, gosh so much pride that you start lying to other’s and yourself to make yourself feel better .

    2. I hate cap says:

      What the hell hulk is strong and stuff by Canberra he alter reality? Nahhhh I didn’t freaking think so

  29. Guy Dude says:

    Well Deadpool can be defeated he is kind of imortal BUT you can’t regenerate memory so if someone like lets say Mikaboshi sends a blast to Deadpool’s face his brain would probably explode but he can’t regenerate his memory so he forgets his ninja skills some guys ARE imortal but if they send a blast to Deadpool’s face not KO but he needs to learn all of his ninja skills again

    1. Just a random dude says:

      There is a kind of metal (i forget what the name of that metal) that can stop Deadpool’s healing factor, that metal also can stop Wolverine’s, once that metal go through Deadpool’s or Wolverine’s skin, their healing factor won’t work

  30. Jordan says:

    What’s everyone’s thoughts on Doomsday ? DC cross over?..

  31. Deadpool more powerful than The Living Tribunal and One Above All… Are you kidding me right now?

    1. Matt says:

      he could just (according to the comics) bully the writers into erasing the living tribunal and the one above all and take their place when he gets bored

  32. Michael says:

    Are you f**king kidding me?!? DeadPool!! He’s not even in the top 30.. Put him in a room with the door locked and he’s stuck there.. Stupid f**kin list.

    1. KJ says:

      You underrate deadpool to an exceptional amount. While I agree that he should be lower on this list he still is ridiculously overpowered. He can change his stories to make them how he wants. To be completely honest, he is just a ridiculous. Even though Deadpool kills Marvel is noncanon, you still have where he is at with facing Thanos for Mistress deaths love. At the end he beats the sh*t out of both creation and Thanos. No he is not number 1 at all but he is still in the top 5.

  33. Nathaniel says:

    Where is Ben10 ?

    1. Mace says:

      I swear to god Ben10 isnt marvel. Go read the title again. Title: 16 Most Powerful Characters in the MARVEL Universe

  34. Matt says:

    Obviously, it’s an opinion that gives some description as to why. If you don’t agree, make your own… It’s really that simple. An fun read for someone who doesn’t know much about the Marvel Universe. Keep the comments coming, I love it.

  35. Exolsiour says:

    What about Dr. Strange and Scarlet Witch? They are obviously the strongest once

  36. hfgst says:

    The Punisher also killed all the marvel heroes once in a comic i dont see him in the top 3

  37. Um did u forget the fact that the WHITE PHEONIX OF THE CROWN lives outside the Marvel Omniverse and even when ur #1 killed the Marvel Universe…IT WOULD NOT EFFCT HER… She holds every single Universe,Dimension,Pocket dimension, every friggin thing… Holds it all in her palms… And she has about 3 options.. Heal that universe,Make a brand new one,Or totally destroy it……. So the whole time it took Deadpool to destroy it… She could’ve done it in an instant… SO NO MATTER WHAT Franklyn,One-Above-All,Beyonder.. IT WILL NOT EFFECT HER IN NO TYPE OF WAY…. In other words she controls every universe that everyone lives in,control,and made….. Bam eat that!!!!!!????

    1. Immortal says:

      TOOA > WPOTC ezpz

  38. The12G says:

    im not sure the deadpool thing was canon

  39. Je says:

    Good accept dead pool is not 1

  40. Jake says:

    Awesome article, enjoyable read, and loved Deadpool in the #1 position.

  41. The marvel says:

    Where the hell is The Death,Thanos’ crush?

  42. Pika_275 says:

    How does Deadpool kill Eternity, Living Tribunal, and The One Above All???
    I call BS!!!!!

    1. Jerry says:

      The reason dead pool is the strongest is because dead pool knows he is a comic book character all he has to do in theory is kill the marvel comics creator and by default killing everyone and everything in the marvel universe. Dead pool is the only marvel character to know that he lives in a comic book reality there fore it maybe possible for dead pool to be as powerful as his imagination allows him, he can write his own destiny, he is not at the mercy of Stan lee

      1. maxfaraday says:

        Deadpool is NOT the only character who knows that he’s in a comic book. Read Byrne’s She-Hulk. (and there are others).

        1. Dust says:

          While there are other characters that are aware they are in a comic book, Deadpool is the only one who can actually DO something about it, he can change the story, the plot, characters, the deaths, ANYTHING. So it’s true that on a technical scale, Deadpool isn’t the #1 Marvel character, he could easily BECOME the #1 Marvel character, he is at no one’s mercy and bends to no one’s will. I rest my case.

  43. JJ says:

    This is the most ignorant post and thread. All of those are godly except deadpool. Who couldn’t kill absolutely any of the above listed….. the beholder would literally put him in a snow globe and toy with him. Hercules can literally throw him to the other side of space. Not to mention bullets bounce off almost all the above listed….. but deadpool ordinary swords kill them. Over half of them would just think him home and no more

  44. Ishtar says:

    The One (Above All) is the most powerful cos he’s the representation of the MARVEL Creator like Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. NUFF SAID!!!

  45. Joe D. says:

    This is one of the best lists i’ve ever seen. The only one’s that could be realistically added to this list is Spectre, protege, molecule man and Dr. Manhattan in my opinion. Honorable mention would be the hulk, captain atom, flash, captain marvel, silver surfer, thor, superman, martian manhunter, gladiator, sentry, and mephisto.

    1. Jesus says:

      Superman is DC not Marvel

  46. Mike says:

    No, Deadpool is NOT #1 in this list. He should not even be on the list. Many marvel characters have “Kills the marvel universe” books. The deadpool one is a 3 part series where he kills the lesser powerful beings in the universe then hops to classical stories that influenced the characters when he realized they would keep respawning, then hopped to the real world and killed the creators. sh*t loads (and I mean SHITLOADS) of characters in the marvel universe have the ability to jump through the multiverse. His physical power adds up to combat and martial arts accompanied by the inability to die. not that special compared to the beyonder or the one above all. or even thanos for that matter. (who cursed deadpool and gave him his “power” in the new marvel comic universe)

    1. Aaa says:

      The comment I was looking for! One above all should be #1 and just for the record, Phoenix must be on this list.

  47. Uğur Keskin says:

    you are an idiot 😀 “deadpool kills marvel universe” comic is not in original universe earth-616

  48. LovelyIncubus says:

    I don’t understand the problem with all of you babbling about Deadpool. You guys all say he shouldn’t be up here and not even top 50. The article says the most powerful, and that can be taken in many forms. Deadpool is the most powerful because if his comic format and 4th wall break. It doesn’t matter if someone could kill him a thousand times over, he’ll just be written back in somehow. And just because the comic “Deadpool kills the marvel universe” isn’t canon, doesn’t mean the original Deadpool couldn’t do the exact same. BTW It says the MARVEL UNIVERSE, not which one. Meaning it’s all of the multiverse.

    Also, I will admit that there are a lot of characters that aren’t on here and some that don’t make sense. Why is Skaar on here? While he’s stronger than Hulk, Worldbreaker Hulk easily outclasses him and could kill a whole lot of the Marvel characters easily. While I do understand why Thanos isn’t up there when compared to some of the others, it could also be argued the other way.

    Here are some characters that I believe could compete with this list and should be added to a larger ranking system: Legion, Onslaught, Molecule Man, Doctor Strange (before losing a lot of his abilities), Worldbreaker Hulk, and maybe Scarlet Witch.

  49. Leo says:

    Than goku shows up and kills dead pool nuff said.

    1. SSME says:

      I thought deadpool being #1 was just a joke but I see the writer intended it. Oh well. I think the “Deadpool kills the marvel universe” series was just PIS and a little comic book comedy. In reality (or at least comic book reality) Deadpool is nowhere even close to the others. Marvel writers are probably laughing at you guys arguing over it. Bringing comic book characters into real life shouldn’t be taken as canon. More like slapstick.

  50. Kerry says:

    I posted this in the wrong place sorry… a list to help improve on the Marvel cosmic hierarchy I have compiled on my Cosmic Beings Appreciation Group on Facebook…

    TOAA (The One Above All) … not to be confused with the Celestial named that.

    Pre-Retcon Beyonder

    Pre-Retcon Marvel Brother

    Pre-Retcon Molecule man

    Infinity Being

    Thanos {empowered with The Heart Of The Infinite)

    Akhenaten {empowered with The Heart Of The Infinite)

    Living Tribunal


    Phoenix Force

    Goblin Force

    Rabum Alal

    Megan {full potential with the power of Beyond etc…)

    Captain Britain {with Excalibur Sword & Amulet of Truth)

    Owen Reece {Post-Retcon Molecule Man)

    Alien Entity

    Beyonders (Ivory Kings)



    Korvak {potentially fully powered)

    Mad Jim Jaspers



    Nemesis (Infinti)

    Thanos (with the Infinity Gauntlet)

    Adam Warlock (with the Infinity Gauntlet)

    Merlin & Roma







    Wanda {House of Marvel full powered version)

    Genis-vell {insane & at full power)

    White Phoenix of the Crown





    Galactus {at the potential of his full power)




    Lord Chaos

    Master Order





    Franklin Richards {at full potential)




    Shaper of Worlds




    Thanos {with a Cosmic Cube power)










    Mistress Love

    Sire Hate

    Chronus (Kronos)







    Trinity of Ashes


    Sky Fathers (Odin, Zeus, Atum etc..)

    Dark Gods




    Elders of the Universe


    1. Matthias Fresquez says:

      Anyone with the infinity gauntlet or heart of the universe shouldn’t be considered for this list. For any being in the marvel universe can obtain these objects.

      Here is a list of greater potentials without needing an artifact like ig or hotu

      Amatsu Mikaboshi
      Mad Jim Jasper’s
      Shuma Gorath
      Molecule man
      Sise neg
      The fury
      Franklin Richards
      Matthew Malloy
      Queen of Nevers

  51. Vlad the Impaler says:

    Why didn’t you include Hulk,Sentry or Doctor Strange on the list?Skaar has been defeated by Hulk twice,and about that time when he defeated the Juggernaut with ‘one punch’,it wasn’t as big as you think because Skaar punched Juggernaut while he was in the air,and Juggernaut unstopabble momentum doesn’t work in the air,so it wasn’t as big of a feat as you said.

  52. Matt says:

    I’m suprised ghost rider isnt on here because at one point he beat galactus without even trying

    1. Matt says:

      he would be above Cyttorak

  53. Red Pandas says:

    This stupid comment section talk about who is the strongest and whos not while they not read the comic and only watch the f***ing movie, doesnt have right to choose!! Even stan lee himself said the strongest is deadpool and beyonder on comic con, idiot

  54. Jack says:

    Oh come on guys, this article may be close to opinion based, but this is arguably one of the best lists I’ve ever seen. Stop complaining about how out of context this is. You simply know well enough that you cannot rank the characters by power to be factual unless the writers rank them themselves. At least you get to meet some pretty dank characters.

  55. Carter says:

    What about Thanos with the heart of the universe? He is easily powerful enough to be on this list.

  56. merry says:

    I laughed at Deadpool LMAO, The Phoenix must be in number 2 whilst one-above-all must be in #1, deadpool isn’t part of the tops LMFAO!

  57. Christopher A.L says:

    Deadpool ??????????????????? i’m dead

  58. Naveen says:

    LOL. Deadpool and his jokes…. the writers sure have deadpool for just insane humour and crazy sh*t that no other comic books can think of.

  59. Kevin says:

    I love how people who clearly did not read the whole Deadpool Killogy think it’s non-canon.

  60. Joffrey says:

    People saying Deadpool didn’t kill the entire marvel universe at one point and then pointing out it was non-canon failed to actually read the whole story… Deadpool of the 616 universe did end up killing the universe killing Deadpool, and it did have an impact on the stories following Deadpool of the 616 universe. But to be fair, The One Above All should be number 1 still.

  61. Quinn says:

    Why not the one above like also the phoenix force is a very powerful entity and it has controlled beings far greater than jean grey so and it even possessed thanos’s son

  62. tony stark says:

    iron man gonna kill all this sh*t

    1. Mace says:

      Iron Man is underclassed by TOAA and Deadpool. Deadpool would litterally run through the fourth wall and erase him off the comics. He can’t bend at anyone’s will. He can hop into the REAL world and kill all of the writers and make marvel his company.

  63. David says:

    Wait, what about Mad Jim Jaspers?

  64. Ak.t says:

    In that comic, deadpool didn’t even go near the more powerful characters like Thanos, The living tribunal and the rest. Why the hell are y’all so bent on making this guy look stronger than he really is

  65. Beerus says:

    Molecule Man, Tyrant,Akhenaten and Surtur are just a few I might add to the list as they could give 12 through 16 a battle in which they might win.

  66. manish mishra says:

    are u kidding?? deadpool can’t be in the list of most powerful marvel characters..

  67. Korsten says:

    You missed Squirrel girl to name only one.

    1. Mace says:

      Squirrel Girl may be powerful but she is underclassed also. Vulcan would smash her. Deadpool could go through the fourth wall and erase her. Do more research.

  68. Akshat says:

    you know o just watched thor ragnarok and in that thor was more powerful than odin so thor should be no.3 and ragnarok no.2.

  69. Saud Shah says:

    Deadpool is stupid as Trump

    1. Immortal says:

      Is as stupid*

      Says the inbred who couldn’t think to read through their own comment before posting.

  70. Adam says:

    deadpool just no the man above all he created the deadpool and he can erase deadpool from anywhere

  71. Boi says:

    Do you honestly think Deadpool is stronger than The One Above All?!?

    1. RexTyrant says:

      Did you not read the comments? Deadpool killed the ENTIRE Marvel Universe. Canon or not, he is a “Marvel Character”, and this list is about the most powerful “Marvel Characters.” So, The One Above All (Kirby and Lee) toys with Deadpool. Deadpool leaves the comic and kills all Marvel writers and artists, and therefore all characters within Marvel, then stands guard beyond 4 wall to ensure no one draws them again. Loophole? Yes. Result? Deadpool wins by default.

  72. Bob says:

    Lmao geeks I have no idea what ur talking about ????

  73. Bob says:

    Lmao geeks I have no idea what ur talking about ?????

    1. Hello says:

      I know right. He is the main bad guy in the MCU. Infinity War is all about killing him.

      1. superhero nerd says:

        he is only really powerful with the infinity stones then he would be on here and plus he is most powerful with the heart of the universe so he should be on here withe the heart of the universe.

        1. Mace says:

          He is physically powerful without the infinity stones, but deadpool can kill him easily by breaking the fourth wall.

          1. M C says:

            Well, let us know when you have actually seen him break the 4th wall by appearing before you in the flesh. Otherwise….

            Breaking the wall is merely a comic books ‘comical’ convention and is meaningly in rating a characters relative power to other characters.

            (In other words, long before Deadpool gets out of the comics more powerful being would intervene – Deadpool, powerless to stop them!)

  74. Tony says:

    Deadpool????? U kidding me. If deadpool tops the list what about wolverine who has similar or ever better powers of healing and an indestructible skeleton.

    1. superhero nerd says:

      remember deadpool killed wolverine in deadpool kills the marvel universe and plus deadpools healing powers are more powerful then anyone else’s plus hes insaine so who knows what he’s going to do

  75. mo says:

    where the hell is sentry!!!!

    1. superhero nerd says:

      he is not powerful on his one but the evil versone could be on here and remember this is these guys thougts

  76. Adrian Ron P. Dumanig says:

    W8 where’s the Marquis of Death??

    1. Adrian Ron P. Dumanig says:

      Come on!!!

    2. superhero nerd says:

      he may be powerful but he can be beat by trickoy and or by most gods

  77. superhero nerd says:

    i love how dead pool is the most powerful but the one above all should be because there is only one one above all and he protects the omniverse which is all the mutiverses and he could destroy all of the marvel universe in one blow killing everything and leaving only him in the wide open depths of space because he could destroy the universe and there is only one universe

    1. Mace says:

      Deadpool can travel to the real world. TOAA can’t. He automatically outclasses TOAA on all levels. He can erase him off the pages of the comics.

  78. Filip says:

    I think Ghost Rider deserves to be in top 20!

    1. Mace says:

      This is top 16. He might be there but ego and apocalypse outclass him. Celestials too.

  79. Matthew says:

    I’ve read a hell of a lot of comments about this article. While it’s true i’ve not read the comics but i have seen the films.

    The article seems to refer to the Strongest/Most Powerful Beings in the Marvel Universe, a concept a lot of you in your infinate Ignorance have managed to ignore with citing a number of people both worthly and not so worthy of this list.

    I may not be familiar with a lot of the characters but the point of the Article is clearly to list those with Universe changing abilitys. It is not about who can defeat who, mearly the extent of the characters Universal powers.

    The reason the article writer has placed Deadpool at number 1 is clearly both for the humor of it, but also for Deadpool’s apperent ability to “exceed” the Marvel Universe’s limits. While this is well beyond the characters written abilities. It refers to his 4th wall breaking, which makes him the most powerful personaility in the Marvel Universe.

    So for all you comic readers, claiming this list is a mockery of your comic books. Shame on you for not having enough intellect to understand the nature of the question. And for everyone else shame on you for spouting such uninformed information without checking even the basic facts.

    1. Balna24 says:

      Finally someone who understands why Deadpool is the strongest.
      As for “mearly the extent of the characters Universal powers” – a list about marvel characters can not really be based on “who can defeat who” because there are a lot of contradictions: there are a lot of different storylines and while X defeated Y in one, in another Y defeated X.
      And once again: you must be quite an amazing man (judging by your comment’s style).

  80. Tone801 says:

    Whoever said deadpool was the strongest in the whole mcu is stupid as f**k or just really gay for him

    1. Balna24 says:

      Just read the article. He broke the 4th wall…

  81. Philip tolbert says:

    Legion should have been number 1 he has the power of 200+ omega level beings nobody matches his power

    1. Mace says:

      He isn’t omnipotent or omniscient though. TOAA is.

  82. lol says:

    lol, deadpool seriously? even The punisher can defeat deadpool

    1. JR says:

      all of you guy are wrong the most powerful is The One Above all. Its in the name.

  83. Parker says:


  84. WhatsGoodMyGuy says:

    No Marquis of Death, he would easily destroy everyone on this list besides The One Above All, Mikaboshi, and maybe Living Tribunal.

  85. Mark Farley says:

    Boyos you’re straight tripping if you don’t think Rocket Raccoon and the flame boi from the fantastic four are right up there jockeying for numero uno on this list

  86. Jimmy says:

    Why isn’t Kylo Ren on this list?

  87. john says:

    what about maestro or world war hulk oe even hela
    #deadpool is the best

  88. KnowyourMCU says:

    You forgot Blue Marvel

  89. Hello says:

    Marquis of Death
    Everyone on this list doesn’t even stand a chance against The Marquis of Death(besides The One Above All obviously) Like come on he can destroy entire universes by waving his hand. Also the only way he could be killed was a younger version of him self, and than doctor doom, after a billion years of learning more magic. The Marquis of Death also said that Galactus was just an insect, in different universes. His reality warping is just to powerful, and nothing can compare to it.

    1. Mace says:

      Deadpool can beat TOAA by getting through the fourth wall.

    2. Completely agreed, but like if, in gaurdians of the galaxy 2..what if Ego didn’t die and peter joined him?? They’d both be able to almost immediately regenerate and just make weapons of light and s**t

      Am I dumb or would you see my point in the least?

  90. H.M says:

    What about squirrel girl

    1. CLentzskill says:

      The reason that Deadpool is the strongest is because the writer created his story to be far beyond help. No matter what heroes you select once deadpool gets out of the comic and erase all or add some powers to himself. That would make him invulnerable, he can also kill the authors and make his own stories. That’s beyond help.

  91. Koden says:

    The punisher killed the entire marvel universe too… So that doesn’t mean sh*t…

    1. Balna24 says:

      Deadpool got out of the Marvel Universe. That is the only reason for him being on this list.

  92. Warboss says:

    How can deadpool kill the one above all he is impossible to kill, he is the god of marvel also base on the

    1. Balna24 says:

      Killing The One Above All is impossible inside the Marvel Universe but Deadpool got out from there (4th wall breaking) so he could erase him by forcing the creators to do so.

  93. nope says:

    where the hell is molecule man at considering he was equal to the beyonder

    1. Protege says:

      Mr. M as well

  94. Robert C Medina says:

    DeadPool wrote this article it all makes sense.

  95. Liam Sweede says:

    Where infinity at? Where Oblivion at? Where death at?

  96. Harold says:

    Doesn’t gene have the Phoenix force yes or no

  97. Ian says:

    uhm, not to be rude, but how is Deadpool more powerful than cosmic entities like the Phoenix Force and One-Above-All? That storyline was canon, it did not actually happen in the 616 universe. And what about Dr. Strange, Scarlet Witch, Jean Grey, Infinity, Mistress Death, Oblivion. These characters deserves a spot on the list, they are actually the powerful ones and changed the entire Marvel universe for good.

  98. Originalname37 says:

    Squirrel Girl defeated Deadpool in Cable & Deadpool #30. Shouldn’t she be number one?

    1. Balna24 says:

      The problem starts here: the marvel comics have went into different directions so everyone could have beaten anyone. This is why Squirrel Girl could defeat Deadpool.

  99. Protege says:

    You’re forgetting Protege

  100. Mace says:

    I definitely agree with this, but maybe dark sentry or death sentry could take vulcan’s spots, or possibly a being with immense power(like vulcan) with all the infinity stones. +1

    1. Balna24 says:

      These guys have power all by themselves. Infinity stones, The heart of Infinity etc. can not be included in any way.

  101. Graham Johnston says:

    No Thor? No Hulk? !!!!!

  102. The One Above All says:

    where the f**k is BATMAN??!

    1. maxaxee8 says:

      BATMAN IS DC NOT MARVEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. Dj says:

    Deadpool is not power full he is only amar

  104. Bornz says:

    How about thanos and dormamu?

  105. Dilraj Singh says:

    I think one above all is the strongest as he is the God of marvel universe and on deadpool kills the marvel universe comic book deadpool kills everyone except one above all

    1. Balna24 says:

      Deadpool is only number 1 because he broke the 4th wall. That is the only reasone why he is in this list.

      1. jvjd says:

        More so his ability to use the 4th wall to his advantage witch means he can basically do anything and it doesn’t even have to make sense becasue he can re-right his comic to make it make sense

  106. Son goku says:

    Son goku is watching

  107. Questions says:

    I have a question, how can deadpool defeat a teleporting marvel character? Or someone with telekinetic abilities? How can deadpool kill sandman if sandman is sand? How can deadpool kill hyperion? How can deadpool kill a flying enemy if he cant fly? How can deadpool kill me if he doesnt know where i am hiding?

    1. Balna24 says:

      Sandman-use electricity and he becomes glass or use a giant vacuum etc.
      Flying enemy-just use a gun.
      Teleporting character-not invulnerable at all time. Just lay a trap.
      Telekinetic abilities-magneto’s helmet.
      Hyperion-if you mean that he has great regenerative healing factor, than the answer is simple: Carbonadium sword. He killed Wolverine with it because it renders the healing factors ineffective.

  108. jack says:

    PR (Pre-retcon) Beyonder was the most powerful being in the entire marvel multiverse, in fact the narration in The Secret Wars 1 stated that “he possessed power millions of times greater than the entire multiverse combined”.

  109. Joe says:

    Just saying,I believe Molecule man(Pre retcon that is) should also belong here. He was the only able to compete with The Beyonder(Only for a little) when the rest of the cosmic entities couldn’t do anything at all to him.

  110. Feathersnow says:

    Squirrel Girl has actually defeated several of the beings in this list, but that creates the same problem as Deadpool, that her existence implies a fundamental waiver for the rulesif logic. So some fans feel a need to dismiss her on that basis. Other than the truly god-like beings, Molly Hayes of the Runaways is probably stronger than some of the weaker members of the list, as she has canonically been seen to do things that should surpass the strength of gods.

  111. Shayan Dutta says:

    The One Above All rapes every marvel character with ease.THE END

  112. Kickasslist says:

    Great compilation. Backed with reasons for the ranking too. Completely agree with the list.

  113. randy says:

    Deadpool that’s a joke. Punisher also killed the universe in another stupid comic.

    1. Balna24 says:

      Deadpool is the FIRST only because he could break out from the Marvel Unviverse. He has no chance against The One Above All or the Beyonder inside the MU but he broke the 4th wall. That is the only reason for him being number 1.

  114. Alvin says:

    this is so bias i bet the guy who posted this is a deadpool fan

  115. Mark says:

    That’s not a bad list.

    You might consider putting Captain Universe and The Impossible Man to your list.
    Impossible Man can do almost anything Magus can do, other than changing color.

    Captain Universe temporarily inhabits people who are put in position positions crucial to the survival of the universe, and imbues them with nearly unlimited power. This happened to Puma when he confronted the Beyonder.

  116. Sagar says:

    Shake it off man .Deadpool most powerful?..give me a break yar..not so much I think

    1. Balna24 says:

      Read the article… He is number one because he broke the 4th wall.

  117. Danny says:

    Not one mention of Thanos, literally the main antagonist of the marvel series of 2008 – today…

    BTW just got back from seeing infinity war. No spoilers, but just know, he needs to be on this list.

    1. Balna24 says:

      He would never be on this list because he is weak without the infinity gauntlet (weak compared to these guys). And the MCU is a completely different story. This is about the Marvel Comic Universe, not the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

  118. ltl says:

    if i ever made the list odin,hercules and skaar will not be even in the top 50

  119. Haroon says:

    There are many more powerful characters than those you state in the list. I think that you should include characters across the marvel multiverse. There are characters like the Anti-Monitor who eats universes to sustain himself. There is even a killer that jumps from universe to universe killing all alternate Galactuses. Not to mention the Beyonders (not affiliated with the Beyonder) and even the Celestial Robot gods. Another example is the Marquis of Death who hops around destroying universes and he is only considered a beyond omega level mutant. Please revise the list.

  120. Kingshawukee says:

    What about Mephisto and Death?

  121. OneManGod says:

    where is squirrel girl?

  122. AD199 says:

    I dont see sentry and hyperion anywhere….. they deserve to be on the list……!

  123. Editor says:

    You could’ve atleast added Thanos with the Infinity gauntlet, by himself he is probably single handedly stronger than Vulcan and Skaar, maybe Odin and Hercules too, and there was that one time when he effortlessely defeated Galactus with the Infinity Guantlet, you also forgpt to include Mistress Death or Death itself seeing as it oversees the realm of the dead and Deadpool having been banished from that realm being only more powerful than death itself.

    1. Editor says:

      And adding on to my previous comment and correcting my mistake to the fact that it wasn’t the original Itteration of Deadpool that killed of the Marvel Universe. In the storyline “Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe,” the X-Men send Deadpool to a mental hospital for therapy. The doctor treating him is actually Psycho-Man in disguise, who attempts to torture and brainwash Deadpool into becoming his personal minion. The procedure fails, but leaves Deadpool even more mentally unhinged, erasing the “serious” and “Screwball” voices in his head and replacing them with a voice that only wants destruction. Under “Evil Voice’s” influence, Deadpool develops a more nihilistic world view and as a result, after killing Psycho-Man by repeatedly smashing him against a desk, he begins assassinating every superhero and supervillain on Earth, starting with the Fantastic Four, in an apparent attempt to rebel against his comic book creators. The book ends with him breaking into the “real” world and confronting the Marvel writers and artists who are writing the book. He says to the reader that once he’s done with this universe, “I’ll find you soon enough.” In the next storyline or mini-series “Deadpool: Killustrated” when Deadpool goes into the Ideaverse and kills off the basis for any Marvel characters never giving the creators the idea of inventing them, After this storyline another storyline (The 3rd in the Deadpool Killogy) is created and is named “Deadpool kills Deadpool”, in this storyline we learn that this version of Deadpool we have been following is actually the insane nihilist Dreadpool and in this storyline the original Deadpool is re introduced as part of the “Deadpool Corps” (excluding Headpool seeing as he died in earlier issues). Anyway, to my point Deadpool isn’t the strongest, it’s Dreadpool.

      1. Editor says:

        But also having Deadpool almost tied with two other Marvel character being Wolverine and The Punisher who also somehow managed to single handedly kill the entire Marvel universe, the only reason Deadpool is more powerful is because he was cursed with immortality by Thanos so that he could never be with the one he loves, Death, and the Fact that Deadpool can break the 4th wall, time travel by ripping open his own comic book page, and he killed the creators of the comics by going into the “real” world.

        1. Anthony says:

          John Cena is number #1. Because you cant see him, and because you cant see him, he will never be killed. You cannot claim number #1 if you cant see number 1.

  124. M C says:

    Molecule Man is not on this list, I can’t take it seriously…
    He beat The Beyonder (#3) and could ruin Wade in less time then reading the word time took you!

    With exception for The Living Tribunal and The One Above All (both super-dimensional) Owen Reese is the most powerful being in Marvel’s Earth Dimension

    1. Chris Poole says:

      You are the only one that remembers Owen Reese. Good job ??

  125. FrozenJustice says:

    where on earth is Thanos ????!!!!!

  126. joseph says:

    You Missed Probably the most powerful of them all, you missed Clyde Wyncham, aka. The Marquis of death

  127. Wolf says:

    I was under the impression that Gambit killed the Phoenix force where is he

  128. ParadZ says:

    Dormammu, Doctor Strange’s villain should have been mentioned.

  129. Ollie P says:

    What about the marquis of death? He has killed eternity and the living tribunal in multiple universes probably. Research all the marvel beings please!

    He only died cause of a younger version of himself stopped him he is no1 by far. I’m sure there are others even more powerful!

  130. Jason says:

    Yea, Lol. Sum of these are in there but, a few are out of place and I Lol. Know not in the top 16 of the entire Marvel Universe!!, come on Man!! It was does say this storyline…and that’s cool, everybody has their fav’s. But I’d have to disagree that these are the facts on this. Ty. Marvel for Life!!!

  131. Jason says:

    Lol. Yes!! M C is correct my fellow true-believers..Owen Reese has got my vote as well. Man, I love this stuff. All b well!

  132. tvvister says:

    Deadpool is #1 because he is the only marvel character that knows he is living inside a comic book. His imagination is more powerful than them

  133. tvvister says:

    Death should be included on this list too

  134. Ajmal says:

    Why deadpool if its just because he can not die wolverine too cant die and is more stronger if they both fight

    1. Savroop says:

      There many characters in marvel universe which can not die like thanos but deadpool can die because thanos cur
      sed him

  135. Ryan says:

    deadpool is not stronger than the one above all he is not stronger than any of those characters toaa could just blink him out of existence so could the living tribunal

  136. Savroop says:

    Really deadpool are you a idiot

  137. Mr.Sarcasm says:

    No way. DEADPOOL??
    deapool got his immortality from thanos.thanos can be defeated by many of the heroes above.the one who gave him power is not in the list so how can deadpool be.he can be easily defeated by defeating thanos.

  138. If hulk had a few sons who was the mother ? And when is Namor coming out !!

    1. Agent-Synthetic says:

      Like Maestro? His mother, … wait for it, was She-Hulk who also breaks the fourth wall and in an unlicensed tribute stands next to the wall Deadpool steps out of and snaps his neck! Oops sorry Mr. Pool!

  139. Cameron King says:

    If there’s that many strong characters why aren’t any of them featured or even mentioned in any of the marvel films, and I don’t understand how there are so many strong characters yet they don’t kill anyone like cap or hulk

  140. Jeremiah Gatewood says:

    Hulk not even on the list. Smh.

  141. rojooo says:

    where is thanos?????apocalypse and sentry

  142. Hayden says:

    Come on guys. We all know Cosmo the G O O D B O Y E is the strongest

  143. Dylan says:

    Deadpool would be considered the most powerful since at the end of the “Deadpool kills” series he is seen about to kill the one above all. However, one with nearly the same amount of power that no one has mentioned on here is Marquis of Death. He is definitely one of the strongest characters Marvel has ever had.

  144. Gerald says:

    Wow! I know that everyone is entitled to their own opinion but let’s not pretend this list is somehow fact. You had some good choices and then named a bunch of obscure characters so that you could think you are cool and well read. Like a hipster of comic book fans. No Thanos? Thor? Hulk? Captain Marvel?

    1. Winters says:

      No, none of them should be on the list.

  145. Aidan Paul says:

    You forgot to put thanos somewhere

    1. I just wrote asking that!!!!

  146. Mike says:

    Has any1 watched Dead Pool 2?

    He can be killed. Quiet easily actually.

    1. gil says:

      Actually he can’t. If he dies, death rejects him. Movie is not canon it’s movie. The only way to kill him is to have Thanos remove his curse. he has been cursed with life.

  147. Winters says:

    You left out the Marquis of Death, who should either be #3 or #2, Deadpool non-canon allowing.

  148. Dave says:

    Where’s Franklin Richards ?

  149. Gil says:

    Wait a minute. Your list is good but flawed in many ways. For one The Sentry/Void isn’t on here and he beat Galactus and ripped Hercules uncle Ares in half without breaking a sweat. He definitely deserves to be on this list. Deadpool shouldn’t be on it just cause of a oneshot comic.

  150. at.x says:

    What about legion?!
    His one of the most powerful mutants ever

  151. EC says:

    I once trimmed a piece of my pinky fingernail, and instantly the science world reported a supernova (a star exploded). Which just goes to show how much power I possess in just my pinky.

  152. Harli says:

    Mad Jim Jaspers should be on the list.

  153. James R Rhodes says:

    Just because Deadpool is your favorite character, mostly because youre a bandwagon Marvel fan, doesnt mean he is the most powerful. You zeroed your credibility when you made him #1. The One, Beyonder, Eternity, F.Richards and the Tribunal and can make Deadpool cease to exist in an instant. Deadpool does not have the power to do the same.
    ….and thats just for starters.

  154. Lame. I, Captain Underpants, is far greater

  155. Yonicomicslayer says:

    Your the first person that knows anything about the MCU………this is the first sight to tell the truth

  156. Gary says:

    Everyone forgot hyperion

  157. Blah says:

    If I’m remembering right, David Haller/Legion should at least rank in the top 5. I seem to recall that at one point, he wiped Marvel’s equivalent of Lovecraft’s pantheon of Gods out of existence. Oh, and there’s that time he time traveled to the past and killed his own father, inadvertently altering reality itself and bringing about the Age of Apocalypse.

  158. Zinat says:

    I’m pretty sure that Captain Marvel should be on this list

  159. josiah nero says:

    Your wrong one above all the most powerful even beyonder stronger than Deadpool.

    1. jazv=chord says:

      where’s malekith then

  160. Tah2k4 says:

    Where is Thor?

  161. aaron says:

    Y’all trippin deadpool aint even that strong

  162. anonymous says:

    If everyone here thinks that they can do better, then go and make your own websites. Stop criticizing this dude’s or lady’s work, I mean, it is probably really hard to make this. Think about it, you worked hard on something then EVERY SINGLE COMMENT says “You suk and cant gramer good. Also skwirel girl is tha best. Thor suks so dose Hulk adn EVRyTHinG on tha list you maide!” This person did just fine, and I like to see the other peoples opinions. I was looking through these comments and felt sick when I saw how many people berating the poor creator of this site. You should all be ashamed of yourselves!

  163. M says:

    Skaar isn’t from an alternate reality. He’s from the regular 616 reality that most of Marvel’s stories take place. He was conceived on the planet Sakaar when The Hulk was there during the Planet Hulk storyline.

  164. Marvel-lous says:

    Hello?! Uhh, Captain Marvel!? What about her?!

  165. The Puppeteer says:

    One Question why is Wolverine not on the List i mean when also Deadpool is on that List and hes like a worst copie of Wolverine because both got a healing Factor ?! Deadpool just gots Katanas wich can be easily beaten like you just have to throw them away: In a case Wolverine is in a Fight with Deadpool on a house or just anywhere …
    1. It didnt gets any Winner (maybe if someone is bored and wants to stop)
    2. If Wolverine is destroying the gadgets from Deadpool and he got his cloves wich maybe can be cut off and
    after i dont now a few minutes they are again back!
    3. Point 1 & 2 are a freaking got argument!
    So why ?! If Deadpool can destroy the whole Marvel Universe Wolverine also can do this

  166. Mick says:

    Why superman is not on here is beyond me I think he has to be up at the top of most powerful loft all

    1. Tommy says:

      Superman is DC and not Marvel.

  167. Toby Kelly says:

    Molecule Man

  168. Brojogopal Paul says:

    Man only true marvel fans known the power of deadpool…enough man…I want to hug u brother …that you actually know that earth 616 has been destroyed by deadpool in single hand…that psycho man’s inner personality was destroyed…and gives him a evil one…even such crazy drums can’t understand that only power does not gives him victory….lol

    Btw you actually forgot about knul …the supreme God of dark dimension… from his black aura.. he created the most powerfull necro sword..in knowwhere..where he killed all the God single hand…

    1. Jay says:

      I think venom is most powerful character

  169. Robert John Eruera Hall says:

    Molecule Man ( Owen Reece )
    Rated 2 most dangerous mutant… deadpool is nothing compared to him… how he gets number 1 is beyond me… One above All can erase him just like that lol…

  170. Sabriel says:

    No women… Not even one… WOW

  171. Bibbidy says:

    Dr. Manhattan is strongest he created a new universe just cause he wanted to create life case closed

  172. Alyssa says:

    Are you kidding?! Where’s Captain Marvel! The female one, just to be clear. Why are there no girls on this list!!! Cause Scarlet Witch is waaaaaay better then Deadpool. Come on!

  173. Weeb says:

    mad jim jaspers, world breaker hulk, protege,scarlet witch(chaos magic), rune king thor, & molecule man

  174. Carlos says:

    Superman beat everyone PERIOD!!!!!!

    1. JonTheBroPony says:

      Except that time he didn’t

  175. HG says:

    It’s debatable if Deadpool actually killed Wolverine in Deadpool kills the marvel universe. He basically conceeded that Wolverine would just keep coming back before leaving the comic world.

  176. John says:

    Did deadpool manage to pass by one above all to do all this? because being #1 he must kill an omnipoten and omnipresent …

  177. Hamza says:

    DeadPool The best

  178. Gabe L says:

    World breaker Hulk!!!!!!top 5

  179. Mars says:

    This list, I am sorry but it is terrible.

    Vulcan wasn’t even the strongest person in the comics he appeared in. Gladiator scarred his left eye after tanking his blasts and the only reason he didn’t kill him after beating his a** was because he was under orders not to. Vulcan then barely beat Black Bolt…. BLACK BOLT! Who was a powerhouse once upon a time but dude… its BLACK BOLT.
    Thanos, Hyperion, Blue Marvel, THE SENTRY, Gladiator, Thor and Nova Prime are all so much more powerful than him it’s not even funny.

    Hercules OVER ODIN?! A DUDE WHO CAN MANIPULATE REALITY?! Odin stalemated Galactus, (and a future Thor with Odin’s powers killed Galactus) and he beat the breaks off of THANOS, the dude who would choke Hercules like he was a ho trine steal money from a pimp. Thor and Hercules arm wrestled and it was a tie, so no, he is not stronger than Thor. And the difference between them is that Thor can
    – Fly at near light speed
    – Call down lightning
    – Call down hurricanes and tornados
    – Energy blasts
    – Teleport
    So no, Hercules is not more powerful than Thor. Hulk is stronger than both of them. So in terms of strength its Hulk>Thor=Hercules
    In terms of power its Thor>Hulk>Hercules.

    And the fact that you have Deadpool here, never mind number one… Oh MAH GAWD BABY NO! WHAT IS YOU DOING?!
    Deadpan kills the Marvel universe is not canon, and would never be because there is no universe where Deadpool, with his power set, comes even close to the dudes here. Hell, Deadpool would find it hard to be the most powerful person on any X-Men team, let alone Marvel. Riddle me this, if Deadpool could actually kill the entire universe, then why don’t the Avengers call him in when they are up against universal threats? Oh thats right, they don’t, because he is a Deathstroke clone with 4th wall comedic style that has been over done to death by now. Death stroke isn’t even top 15 most powerful X-Men.

  180. Jonnyboi says:

    So technically Santa Claus is the most powerful mutant cerebro has ever discovered,

  181. Saitama says:

    One above all is the creator dude.
    HIS the strongest char

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