25 Interesting Facts About Navy SEALs

July 18, 2021
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  1. Patrick says:

    Since when is thinkprogress.org a reliable source (#18)? I usually enjoy your site but if sources like this are being used to support “facts”, I’ll have to consider websurfing somewhere else.

    1. Admin says:

      Thank you for pointing it out. We should have researched it better. We have changed fact #18 now.

  2. iza says:

    i love thits hank you

  3. testfact says:

    Lol according to Navy Seals history in Vietnam war the ratio was like 41:1 not 200:1. Check your facts.

    1. jERRY says:

      They are referring to the K:D of SEAL Teams One and Two. Not all of the active SEAL Teams in Vietnam. Please read more carefully.

    2. MMM says:

      Yeah how pathetic (even if you’re right which I doubt) that we are 41x as deadly… Respect. Love you SEALS

  4. Nick says:

    For #5 your source lists a CIA agent, not a Navy Seal, as the consultant, and should probably be removed from this list.

  5. Kymm says:

    Ah finally a fact about Belgium to be proud of

  6. casey says:

    thank you for this website I will definitely want to be a navy seal

  7. Rheama Smith says:

    Does # 7 say they got stealth fleshlights as a gift? …….. ?? … Any chance it was flashlights? I don’t have any personal experience, but I’m pretty sure a fleshlight is a whole different thing. lmao

    1. Admin says:

      No, they got stealth fleshlights as a gift 🙂

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