Here are 27 Interesting North Dakota facts.

1-5 North Dakota Facts

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1. Until 2010, the real tallest man-made structure in the world was a 2,063-foot TV broadcast tower in North Dakota, which can be ascended via elevator or ladder. It’s usually not counted in tallest building lists because it’s supported by guy-wires attached to the ground. – Source

2. North and South Dakota are two different states because they couldn’t agree on where the capital should be. – Source

3. North Dakota didn’t technically qualify for statehood until 2012 when a constitutional error found by a 66-year-old man was corrected. – Source

4. Only 14.1% of Millennials in North Dakota still live with their parents. – Source

5. When North and South Dakota were admitted to the U.S., President Harrison asked the Secretary of State to shuffle the documents so no one would know which was admitted first. – Source

6-10 North Dakota Facts

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6. It’s against the law to serve beer and pretzels at the same time in North Dakota. – Source

7. It is illegal to sell alcohol on Thanksgiving day in North Dakota. – Source

8. The town of Leith, North Dakota is being systematically bought out by white supremacist leader Craig Cobb, who is carrying out a transformation of the town into “Cobbsville”, a neo-nazi community. – Source

9. Approximately 1/3 of the population of North Dakota is of Norwegian ancestry. Over 1700 people still speak Norwegian as their first language despite not being immigrants themselves. – Source

10. From space, there appears to be an enormous city in the middle of nowhere in North Dakota due to the light pollution from oil fields. – Source

11-15 North Dakota Facts

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11. The first mosque in North America was built in rural North Dakota. – Source

12. The government of the American state of North Dakota owns a flour milling facility, the North Dakota Mill and Elevator Association, which makes its own flour, bread mix, and pancake mix, available for direct consumer purchase. – Source

13. The city of Fargo, North Dakota, was named after Wells Fargo and not the other way around. – Source

14. There is only one abortion clinic in North Dakota, and it is called the Red River Women’s Clinic. – Source

15. North Dakota ranks #1 in the U.S. in beer consumption per capita with an average adult drinking 45.8 gallons of beer per year. – Source

16-20 North Dakota Facts

16. There is a North Country Trail, which starts in upstate New York and ends in North Dakota and is 4,600 miles long. – Source

17. There is a defunct missile defence base in North Dakota that is shaped like a Mayan pyramid. – Source

18. The geographical center of North America is fought over by 3 towns in North Dakota. – Source

19. A Walmart store in Williston, North Dakota pays its workers a starting wage of around $17/hour because of a high cost of living due to rapid population growth in the area. – Source

20. 30 percent of the natural gas produced in North Dakota is burned as waste. That’s enough gas to heat half a million homes. – Source

21-27 North Dakota Facts

21. North Dakota’s current unemployment rate, the lowest in the country, is at or lower than the lowest historical rates for 31 states. – Source

22. North Dakota’s only riot to be put down by the National Guard was actually a spring break diversion in which 2000-3000 students drove to Zap (pop. 100) and drank copious amounts of alcohol and many buildings were destroyed. – Source

23. North Dakota is the only state without voter registration. – Source

24. A Native American tribe from North Dakota has a language with 10 speakers. – Source

25. There is a memorial to three dead Ringling Brothers Circus workers in North Dakota. – Source

26. The state of North Dakota has only one area code. This was one of the 86 original area codes that AT&T created in 1947. – Source

27. Many of the German immigrants to North Dakota were actually refugees from Russia. – Source

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