Roulette is a game that is not short of its superstitions. Given the usage of numbers, it is no surprise that there are some beliefs about the powers that some of them contain.

Some are considered more positive than others, with some digits also believed to be worth avoiding as much as possible. Whether there is any truth or evidence to them can be rather difficult to pinpoint, but that has not stopped players from sticking to them every time they hit the table.

What are the numbers that are considered lucky in Roulette?

When looking at a roulette table and wheel, we know that any of the numbers between 0 and 36 (and double 00 when American roulette is played) can appear at any time. There is no “magnetic pull” that certain numbers can have on the ball that makes them appear more often than others, but that does not stop gamers from having digits that they believe are more fortuitous than others.

Among the numbers that are considered to be lucky or potentially more favorable, include:

  • Number 7
  • Number 17
  • Number 23 & 24

Number 7: Culturally known as lucky

In Western cultures, the number 7 has always been associated with luck. Many ancient beliefs carry the number with fortune, as do other global cultures. You only have to look at slot games to identify their association with luck, as the number can often be seen as a visual symbol. Therefore, this carries into roulette, too.

Number 17: Its placing on the table makes it appear lucky

If you play online roulette, you may have noticed that the number 17 is central to the board. It sits right in the middle of the table, thus attracting the eyes of the player almost immediately every time bets need to be placed. This position on the table has subsequently been deemed to be rather lucky, as players believe it has a greater chance of landing than others available on the wheel.

Numbers 23 & 24: Positional placement on the table gives lucky vibes

Much like the number 17, 23 & 24 are thought to possess a powerful essence of luck due to their position on the table. They are also placed in areas that will normally be seen by a player’s eyes almost immediately, thus making them an appealing option each time they want to make a bet. 

What are the roulette numbers said to be avoided?

As mentioned, while there are beliefs that some numbers on the roulette wheel are considered “lucky” and have a special pull, there are numbers that are said to be avoided. These include:

  • Number 13
  • Number 0
  • Number 6
  • Number 34

Number 13: Widely believed to be an unlucky number in life

The number 13 has a bad reputation worldwide for many cultures, with many associating it with fortunes of bad luck. Friday 13th, the fact that it is next to 12 (which is considered lucky in some cultures), and religious events have all featured bad luck for things in 13’s. Many take this approach to the number into their roulette experiences, which is why it has been seen as a number to avoid.

Number 0: Its lonely status is off-putting

For many, the number 0 is often considered unlucky due to its lonely position on the betting table. The bet sits by itself on the edge of the betting table, which apparently creates an element of tension and bad feeling for many, thus making them avoid it as much as they can.

Number 6: Just considered unlucky

Much like many beliefs about certain numbers, there is no real explanation for the supposed lack of luck that the number 6 brings when playing roulette. However, it is a number widely spoken about as unlucky and a hugely unpopular bet for many players.

Number 34: Poor positioning makes it unlucky

Again, the number 34 is considered to be a highly unlucky number when playing roulette due to its position on the betting table. It is located on the edge of the table, which creates a nervous and edgy atmosphere and vibe for players. They do not feel they get the positive energy that they would like due to its location, meaning they feel it is possessed with negativity.

Is there any truth to the power of the numbers?

Although it would be completely wrong to tell people what they can and cannot believe, there is no evidence to support the idea that there are certain numbers that are lucky or not in roulette.

Given the nature of the game, there are numbers that can appear more often than not, but that does not mean they have a better or more positive pulling power than other numbers. By all means, it can be a great strategy to stick with numbers that are perceived to have more luck than others, but it is important to remember that they are just numbers at the end of the day.

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Last Update: February 23, 2024