If you have watched medical TV shows such as Grey’s Anatomy or The Good Doctor, you must have a rough idea of the crazy things people put inside their bodies. While most cases have been accidental or placed under duress, others are surprisingly completely intentional. This article highlights several instances where odd/foreign objects were found inside human bodies.

1. Pea Seed in the Lungs

In the United States, Ron Sveden, a former teacher from Brewster, Massachusetts, once swallowed a pea seed. However, in a surprising turn of events, the pea found its way to his lung rather than following the esophagus. The crazier bit is that the plant continued growing there until Ron visited the ER.

At first, it was thought that the patient had lung cancer, but further examinations showed the growing pea in his lung caused the complications.

2.  Nail in the Head

The idiom “hit the nail on the head” means to do something exactly as it is supposed to. However, in Prax Sanchez’s case, it was almost quite literal. It all started with a complaint of a painful earache. Plans to have Prax Sanchez undergo an MRI scan were thwarted as he was in immense pain.

A short while later, the patient sneezed/coughed, and a one-inch nail shot through his nose. Doctors at the facility suspected the nail had been lodged in his head for over three decades. The incident was described as a “medical miracle.”

3. Fish in the Urethra

While a young boy was cleaning his fish tank, he felt the need to relieve himself, and so he did. In one in a million chances, a tiny fish jumped onto his manhood and swam up his urethra. The young boy complained of immense pain and was rushed to the emergency room. The fish was surgically removed.

4. Eel in Anus

In a prank that horribly went wrong, a man inserted an eel into his friend’s anus. The eel swam up the man’s rectum and disappeared completely, making it impossible for the friends to pull it out. Fortunately, he was rushed to the hospital, and the doctors were able to remove it.

5. Belt in the Chest

After he was involved in a horrific accident, Anuj Ranjan was taken in for surgery. In a case of doctor malpractice, the surgeons forgot to remove an 8-foot-long belt that was stuck inside his chest. Years later, Anuj complained of severe chest issues and thought he had tuberculosis. Upon further examination, the belt was discovered and removed.

6. Bottle Cap in the Throat

A doctor once confessed to having discovered a bottle cap in a man’s throat, which had stayed there for three days. According to the man, he noticed the bottle cap was missing several days later. It was discovered in his throat and removed using a small net.

7. Bike Pump in the Rectum

An X-ray report left many doctors confused about what sort of object was stuck on a man’s rectum because the images were non-descriptive. Not even the patient himself knew what was lodged there. After surgery, it was discovered that the object was a bike pump.

8. Popcorn Kennels in the Ear

After a 7-year-old kid reported to the hospital, because they couldn’t hear in one ear, the doctor took a flashlight to see what was wrong. To the professional’s dismay, three uncooked popcorn kennels were inside the affected ear. As expected, the kid denied ever putting those popcorn kennels inside his ear.

9. Fingerling Potato inside the Lady Parts

A woman shocked doctors when she came into the hospital and narrated how much pain she was feeling in her uterus. As the consultation was going on, the woman notified the doctor that she and her lover had inserted a fingerling potato inside her lady parts to act as a contraceptive and were unable to remove it. Shockingly, the potato had sprouted inside her internals, anchoring its roots to the uterus walls.

10. Battery in the Nose

A doctor by the name Marc Siegel discovered a battery lodged in the nose of a 10-year-old, who was brought in complaining about pain in his nasal passage. Luckily for the boy, the battery was removed before it leaked its contents into his respiratory system.

11. Jewelry in the Stomach

A Quora contributor by the name Ali Sadek explains how, one day, a woman came to the ER complaining of abdominal pain. During diagnosis, the doctors noticed shiny objects in her stomach. Upon inquiry, the lady mentioned that these objects were pieces of jewelry. Apparently, she swallowed them to prevent her husband from taking them to his mistress.

12. Razor Blades in the Appendix

When a 25-year-old inmate was taken to hospital due to abdominal pain, doctors discovered razor blades in his appendix. This incident is more intriguing because of the details surrounding it. For instance, it’s not clear why this prisoner swallowed razor blades. Also, the razor blades should have been found in the stomach or intestines. How did they get to the appendix?

13. Toothpick in the Intestine

After struggling for long with urinary tract pain and abdominal aches, it was discovered that the 50-year-old man had a toothpick in their intestine. Like most cases described above, the man didn’t know how the toothpick got there.

14. Plastic Gloves in the Rectum

While such cases are often associated with medical malpractice, this wasn’t. The affected 55-year-old man had been diagnosed with pica, an eating disorder that causes one to crave non-food items. When doctors discovered about ten plastic gloves in his rectum, it was ascertained that they ended up there because the man had eaten them earlier.

15. Bullet in the Rectum

A man who had itchy hemorrhoids used a 50 mm bullet to scratch himself. Unfortunately, the bullet got inside his rectum, and he wasn’t able to take it out. The doctors were also reluctant to remove the bullet because it could have gone off. Therefore, they had to seek the help of a special firearms expert to assist with its retrieval.

16. 40 Knives inside the stomach

In a couple of months, an Indian man swallowed 40 knives. When the knives started reacting with his body, he went to the hospital and didn’t tell the doctors what he had done. To their surprise, the doctors pulled 40 knives from the man’s stomach.

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Last Update: May 11, 2024