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In 2007, 90% of Vietnam's connection to the internet was taken down after fishermen severed a submarine cable so they could sell the expensive materials they salvaged.
While the use of Lemons as a cure for Scurvy was published in 1753 the British Admiralty refused to use it until 1793, while the Merchant Navy ignored the discovery all the way up to 1867.
In 1999, a Qantas 747 "crashed" on landing and then Qantas paid a huge amount of money to repair the plane so it wouldn't be reported as a hull loss accident
More than 1,800 antique papyrus scrolls from 79 AD were preserved by being carbonized due to the eruption of Mount Vesuvius - some contained hitherto lost works and the efforts to read them are still on-going.
In the original sushi type dish, the rice was only to preserve the fish, and was discarded uneaten.

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