Here are 31 interesting Patrick Stewart facts.

1-5 Patrick Stewart Facts

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1. When Sir Patrick Stewart was first asked to consider playing Professor X on film, the actor had no idea who the character was. So when one of the producers handed him an X-Men comic from her desk he responded, “What am I doing on the front of a comic book?” – Source

2. Sir Patrick Stewart signed a 6-year contract for “Star Trek: The Next Generation” because he, his agent, and others with whom Stewart consulted all believed that the new TV show would quickly fail, and he would return to his Shakespearean career after making some money. – Source

3. Gene Roddenberry was asked by a reporter about casting Sir Patrick Stewart in Star Trek: TNG. “Surely by the 24th century, they would have found a cure for male pattern baldness.” And Gene Roddenberry responded, “No, by the 24th century, no one will care.” – Source

4. Sir Patrick Stewart lost all of his hair at age 18 and thought that no woman would ever be interested in him again. – Source

5. Sir Patrick Stewart adapted Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol into a one-man show, where he played over 30 characters in a three-hour long performance. – Source

6-10 Patrick Stewart Facts

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6. In auditioning for the role of Captain Picard, Sir Patrick Stewart had initially brought a toupee out of concern over his baldness. Gene Roddenberry told him to ditch it. – Source

7. When Star Trek: The Next Generation began, Sir Patrick Stewart dreaded having to learn and recite technobabble dialogue. He got used to doing so, however, and “space-time continuum” became his favorite technical phrase. – Source

8. In 1997, Sir Patrick Stewart put on and starred in a “photo negative” production of Othello. He starred as a white Othello opposite a black cast. It was the first time this concept was used. – Source

9. Sir Patrick Stewart once said that “All of those years in Royal Shakespeare Company, playing all those kings, emperors, princes and tragic heroes were nothing but preparation for sitting in the captain’s chair of the Enterprise.” – Source

10. Sir Patrick Stewart is a public advocate for “assisted suicide”. – Source

11-15 Patrick Stewart Facts

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11. Sir Patrick Stewart was the original narrator of “The Nightmare Before Christmas,”. Although Tim Burton eventually cut his narration and changed the voice, the film’s composer, Danny Elfman, kept Stewart’s original recording in his soundtrack because he liked the actor’s reading better. – Source

12.  Sir Patrick Stewart used to regularly fabricate fake news in the newspaper he worked for because he was spending his time practicing theatre with a theatre company during times that conflicted with his work schedule as a journalist. – Source

13. Sir Patrick Stewart played the voice of the Adventure Book from the movie The Pagemaster. – Source

14. Sir Patrick Stewart performed the “Soliloquy of the Letter B” on Sesame street. – Source

15. Sir Patrick Stewart is an “obsessed” Beavis and Butthead fan, stating that it “will be singled out as a very, very important cultural phenomenon.” – Source

16-20 Patrick Stewart Facts

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16. The role of Jafar in Disney’s Aladdin was originally offered to Sir Patrick Stewart, but he had to turn it down due to scheduling conflicts. Stewart later said he regretted not taking the part. – Source

17. Sir Patrick Stewart was raised in an abusive household where he witnessed his father beating his mother multiple times. – Source

18. Sir Patrick Stewart grew up speaking a Yorkshire dialect that is almost completely unintelligible to normal English speakers. – Source

19. King Goobot V, supreme ruler of the Yolkians and Jimmy Neutron’s arch-nemesis, was voiced by none other than Sir Patrick Stewart. – Source

20. Sir Patrick Stewart didn’t know how to play chess until he learned it to shoot X-Men. – Source

21-25 Patrick Stewart Facts

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21. Sir Patrick Stewart (age 77) is married to a 39 year old American woman. – Source

22. Sir Patrick Stewart voiced Emperor Uriel Septim VII, in the Elder Scrolls.- Source

23. Sir Patrick Stewart teaches master classes for drama students in the UK. – Source

24. NASA has a tradition of playing a wake-up call for astronauts. These are usually songs such as “What a Wonderful World”. But they have also included other things such as a voice message from Sir Patrick Stewart announcing the “voyage of the Space Shuttle Atlantis”. – Source

25. Sir Patrick Stewart has done an album of Cowboy Songs. – Source

26-31 Patrick Stewart Facts

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26. Sir Patrick Stewart has wanted to adapt Warren Ellis’ comic “Transmetropolitan” for years. – Source

27. Sir Patrick Stewart is best friends with Brent Spiner (Data from Star Trek), Brent was even his best man at his wedding. – Source

28. Sir Patrick Stewart and James Corden publicly traded insults at a major award ceremony. – Source

29. Sir Patrick Stewart’s first onscreen kiss was with Steve Railsback in the 1985 Sci-Fi Horror film Lifeforce. – Source

30. Sir Patrick Stewart is the chairman of the Huddersfield Town Football Academy. – Source

31. Sir Patrick Stewart had a combover until a black belt in Judo held him down and cut it off. – Source

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