21-25 Pearl Harbor Facts

pearl harbor attack

21. There was a second “attack” on Pearl Harbor in 1942 carried out by two Japanese float planes. However, the destruction was so minimal that the US Army and Navy accused the other of blowing up munitions in a public area. – Source

22. After Pearl Harbor, Seattle’s Boeing Aircraft Manufacturing Plant was camouflaged as an entire suburb to protect it from air strikes. – Source

23. During the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Admiral in charge of the Pacific fleet tore off his four-star shoulder boards and replaced them with those of a rear admiral, acknowledging his lapse in judgment. – Source

24. When the USS West Virgina was finally raised after being sunk during the bombing of Pearl Harbor, deceased men were found in an airtight storeroom. On the calendar, 16 days were crossed off in red pencil. – Source

25. Pearl Harbor’s radar operators picked up incoming Japanese planes about to attack the base, but the executive officer of the site told the operators to not worry about it. – Source

26-31 Pearl Harbor Facts


26. On the same day as the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, Midway Atoll was attacked by 2 Japanese destroyers. – Source

27. Hickam Field, a still-active USAF facility in Hawaii, still bears bullet holes sustained during the attack on Pearl Harbor. – Source

28. One of the few US Ships to be unharmed during the attack on Pearl Harbor was later sunk by a British submarine during the Falklands War. – Source

29. 37 years before Pearl Harbor, Japan launched a surprise attack on Russia, destroying much of the Russian fleet at Port Arthur. US officials applauded the attack for its ingenuity. – Source

30. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, Canada declared war on Japan before the United States did. – Source

31. James O. Richardson pleaded with FDR over his poor decision to centralize the Naval fleet at Pearl Harbor, warned of the risks, was fired in February of 1941, only to be proven right on December 7th when the Japanese attacked and sunk it. – Source

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