During medieval times, plumbers were technicians who only worked with lead because the majority of homes in the Roman Empire featured lead drain pipes and conduits. However, as time passed and newer inventions were made, plumbers started working on drainage and sewage systems. Today, Plumbers are vital people in our society. Without them, we would literally have an ungovernable mess. To appreciate them and the work they do, here are some amazing facts about plumbers that you probably didn’t know.

1. The Name “Plumber” Originated from the Latin Word “Plumbum”

Plumbers got their name from the Latin word “plumbum,” which means lead or lead pipes. As aforementioned, the professionals initially only worked on lead pipes and drainages.

2. Renowned Astrophysicist Leonard Susskind was Once a Plumber

Before becoming a renowned astrophysicist, Leonard Susskind was a plumber. His father was also a plumber, so he inherited the business for some time. Leonard’s plumbing history also explains why he could write about complex scientific theories in a language everyone could understand.

3. A Plumber Discovered Cash and Checks at Joel Osteen’s Church

In 2021, a plumber hired to do some repairs at Joel Osteen’s megachurch discovered cash and checks behind a wall. This money was linked to a heist that had been reported in 2014. The plumber was awarded a $20,000 reward for his role in the discovery.

4. The Day After Thanksgiving is Usually the Busiest for Plumbers

Plumbers have nicknamed the day after Thanksgiving “Brown Friday” because it is the busiest day on their calendars. On Brown Friday, plumbers all over the US get tens of calls about clogged drains or broken garbage disposals. Most homes usually get more guests at this time of the year, which puts more strain on the facility’s plumbing system.

5. Albert Einstein Admitted to Wanting to Be a Plumber

In a letter he had written to a magazine, Albert Einstein, one of the greatest scientists to ever live, admitted that if he were to do it all over again, he would have chosen to be a plumber. Plumbers were delighted to hear this, with a plumbing shop in New York changing the name of its firm to Einstein and Stanley Plumbing Company.

6. Super Mario is a Plumber

If you’re familiar with the Super Mario game, then you can testify that Mario is one of the most famous plumbers in the world. However, it hasn’t always been so; Mario was initially a carpenter. The character only became a plumber when the game’s developers redesigned the game, adding an underground setting.

7. Detection Dogs Can Help Plumbers Discover Leaks

Did you know that there are specially trained dogs that can help plumbers identify leaks? On their own, plumbers can struggle with identifying faulty regions, especially if they are covered by a wall or basement. Detection dogs can help them with that.

8. The Minoans Had Advanced Plumbing Systems

While Minoans (located on the island of Crete) is famous for its monumental architecture, its plumbing system is also exceptional. The community thrived in 1900 BC, so having an underground plumbing system and proper rainwater harvesting technique is marvelous.

9. NASA Built the Most Expensive Plumbing System

In 2020, NASA built the most expensive plumbing system, which cost $23 million. The toilet designed to counter gravitational forces in space was meant to help astronauts relieve themselves efficiently while on missions.

10. Bad Plumbing Once Caused a Kitchen Tap to Pour Beer Instead of Water

In 2006, a bartender connected a pipe from a new beer barrel to a water pipe leading to an apartment below their establishment. So, when Haldis Gundersen opened her tap, she saw a gush of beer instead of water. The incident happened in Western Norway.

11. The Burj Khalifa Does Not Have a Modern Plumbing System

The Burj Khalifa is one of the world’s tallest and most famous buildings. However, it does not have a modern plumbing system. This building is not connected to Dubai’s sewer system, so every day, several honey suckers come to the premises to ferry waste to dump sites.

12. A Lady Plumber Saved 2,500 Jewish Kids in World War II

Irena Sendler, a lady plumber practicing during World War II, saved up to 2,500 Jewish kids from the Warsaw ghetto by carrying them in her toolbox. Unfortunately, Irena was caught and severely beaten by the Nazis, who broke her legs. She was selected for the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize but lost to Al Gore.

13. Insulating Plumbing Pipes is Quite Economical

According to plumbing experts, insulating plumbing pipes, especially those that ferry hot water to the bathroom, can help save a lot of money in the long run. It cuts utility bills and uses little time to warm water up.

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Last Update: April 19, 2024