26-30 Poet Facts

26. The hugely influential french poet Arthur Rimbaud stopped writing altogether at the age of 21 and spent the last ten years of his life dealing firearms in Africa. – Source

27. The Roman poet Virgil kept a pet housefly, and upon its death, he held an extremely extravagant funeral for it. He even built it a mausoleum. – Source

28. The poet who coined the phrases, “Variety’s the very spice of life” and “God moves in a mysterious way” was institutionalized for insanity, depression, and suicide attempts, but was also a forerunner of the Abolitionist movement. – Source

29. The Guinness company commissioned the Irish poet Brendan Behan to write a slogan for them. He came up with the slogan ‘Guinness makes you drunk’. – Source

30. After poet Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s wife died, he buried the bulk of his unpublished poems with her in a fit of grief. However, he later changed his mind, had her dug up, and published the poems. – Source

31-35 Poet Facts

31. The earliest known poet and author in history was Enheduanna an Akkadian princess and high priestess who lived in 22nd c. B.C. She is one of the first women whose name is known to history. – Source

32. A Russian poet named Sergei Yesenin wrote his final poem “Goodbye, My Friend, Goodbye” with his own blood and subsequently committed suicide by hanging. – Source

33. Our term for syphilis comes from a 16th-century epic poem, “Syphilis,” by the Italian poet Girolamo Fracastoro, about a shepherd boy named Syphilis who insults the Greek god Apollo and is punished with a horrible disease. – Source

34. The famous mid-20th century counterculture poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti is still alive at 100 years old. – Source

35. Robert Frost was the first poet to read at a presidential inauguration when JFK asked him to recite a poem at his inauguration in 1961. Frost wrote a new poem for the occasion but was incapable of reading it because of how bright it was outside. So, he recited “The Gift Outright” from memory instead. – Source

36-40 Poet Facts

36. Before Bob Dylan’s win in 2016, Rabindranath Tagore was the first lyricist to win the Nobel Prize for literature in 1913. He was a wildly talented Indian poet, painter, and musician. – Source

37. One of the greatest poets of the Middle Ages is known as the Archpoet. Despite his fame, his name is unknown, and the only things known about him are what he mentioned in his poems. It’s not even certain where his nickname Archpoet comes from. – Source

38. One-legged English poet W.E Henley was the inspiration for Long John Silver in Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island, and his daughter was the inspiration for Wendy in JM Barrie’s Peter Pan. – Source

39. The Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa wrote under at least seventy-two heteronyms, most of them with different personalities and writing styles. – Source

40.The poet Charles Bukowski’s gravestone reads, “Don’t Try”. – Source

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