Every country has its cuisine, something that the residents identify with. Thankfully, modern transportation allows us to go beyond borders and see how the other half lives. Today, we look at some of the most popular cuisines from around the world.

1. Italian Cuisine

For a few decades now, Italian cuisine has retained the top spot when it comes to popularity. With foods such as pasta and pizza, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. The Italian cuisine was borrowed from the Mediterranean and focuses more on fresh and locally grown food.

As such, its influence has grown beyond borders, affecting countries like the United States. Most meals on this menu comprise a few high-quality ingredients, making the food ideal for cooking at home.

2. Chinese Cuisine

Although China is located hundreds of miles to the east, its cuisine has spread to nearly all continents. Chinese restaurants are everywhere, and they are always fully booked. The foods on the Chinese menu boast exotic and authentic meals.

From noodles to sweet and sour pork, Chinese cuisine is divided into subtypes, with the majority of the meals being flavorful and nutritious. They have no limits to what can or can’t be eaten, so if you plan to visit the region or try its cuisine, it’s best to brace yourself for some culture shock.

3. French Cuisine

Contrary to popular opinion, French cuisine doesn’t just revolve around baguettes and cheese; many other mouthwatering items can be found on their menu. One thing is certain, though; French cuisine uses simple and very few ingredients. It’s the preparation and how the foods are served make the cuisine stand out.

With foods such as steak frites, boeuf bourguignon, and macarons, the French pay a lot of attention to the foods they send down their throats. It’s worth noting that the French cuisine has borrowed a lot from the Italian cuisine.

4. Indian Cuisine

Thanks to the internet, Indian cuisine has grown in popularity over the years. Many people today are attracted to Indian street food because of its authenticity. Like the Chinese cuisine, the Indian meals differ depending on region.

For instance, the foods the locals in Andhra like are a bit different from those in Bengali or Mughlai. However, they are all united by a common thing: the use of spices. Indians love their meals extra spicy, which people around the world find fascinating. Diversity is another unique factor in their foods; they can be vegetarian, eggetarian, or meat-based. Chai is probably the first thing you should order from Indian cuisine.

5. Turkish Cuisine

Initially influenced by Greek cuisine, Turkish cuisine blends European, Central Asian, and Mediterranean food. Turkish food mainly revolves around meat, with some popular dishes being Haslama and Kavurma, which comprise boiled and roasted lamb. Unlike Indians, Turkish people are not huge fans of spicy food, but they like vegetables. For accompaniments and desserts, expect a lot of dough-based meals.

6. Japanese Cuisine

Today, many international restaurants serve Japanese foods such as sushi, rice, and sashimi. This is probably because Japanese cuisine is quite tasty and sophisticated. As with most Asian cuisines, it differs depending on region.

7. Thai Cuisine

Thailand attracts visitors from all around the world for various reasons, one being its unique cuisine. Thai cuisine comprises fried rice, noodles, spicy soups, and a wide range of curries. It’s super tasty and keen on flavor, prompting food experts to believe it is closely related to Indian and Chinese cuisine. Their foods are packed with lots of ingredients and local herbs.

While in Thailand, street foods are a must-try; it’s the best place to explore local cuisines. The high level of hospitality heavily complements Thai cuisine.

8. Mexican Cuisine

Mexican food combines a little bit of everything, making it so addictive. From tacos to quesadillas, curries to enchiladas, the Mexican cuisine ensures you get all the essential nutrients to promote overall health. Like the Turks, Mexicans love vegetables. This is why most of their foods come with lime, tomato, avocado, and onions.

9. Greek Cuisine

This is one of the oldest cuisines in history, considering that it dates back to an ancient civilization. The Greek cuisine comprises of roast meat, salads, and olives. As a leading olive oil producer, this is a critical ingredient in the Greek cuisine.

There are a lot of soups on their menu, and wine is a staple. Greek cuisine boasts a Mediterranean style, which is why it has a lot of oil, meat, and wine. The deserts here comprise fruits, honey, and nuts. Also, the Greeks love flavorings such as garlic, mint, cinnamon, and oregano.

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Last Update: June 14, 2024