Today, many people are embracing the powers of psychic abilities. As online psychic readings become popular, so does the urge to turn to these phenomenal gifts to uncover truths about their lives and seek healing increase. If you suspect that you have a natural gift, are planning to visit a psychic, or are simply fascinated by the art, understanding the different types of psychic abilities and how they work can help a great deal. Here are some of the most common ones:

1. Clairvoyance

A clairvoyant is a psychic who can see things clearly, including one’s past, present, and future. These psychics are gifted with a “third eye” that lets them see beyond the naked eye. Apart from seeing different times, clairvoyants can also see ghosts, spirits, places, and symbols. Some can also interpret what they see. Clairvoyants improve their abilities through a wide range of spiritual practices such as meditation and yoga.

2. Clairaudience

As the name suggests, clairaudience is a psychic ability that allows an individual to listen to things that most average people can’t. A clairaudient can hear spiritual voices or guidance from guardian angels and spirits.

Spirits and guardian angels vibrate at a different frequency than average humans; a clairaudient is more capable of understanding such voices and assigning them meaning. Other things that clairaudients can hear include someone speaking to them from another realm, whispering, and sometimes singing.

3. Claircognizance

Claircognizance is a psychic ability where one knows information they naturally wouldn’t know. It usually starts with simple things such as correctly knowing who is knocking at your door or thinking about someone before they call you in a few seconds. Claircognizants have compelling hunches, and they are often problem solvers.

4. Clairsentience

Also known as “clear feeling,” clairsentience is a psychic ability where one can read people’s feelings without being told. A clairsentient can feel when someone else is happy, sad, or depressed. Most psychics with this ability double as healers because they can detect confusing feelings and clear them.

5. Clairempathy

Clairempathy is the ability to read people’s emotions. Just by touching another person’s palm or looking into their eyes, a clairempath can tell whether the subject is afraid, angry, or any other emotion they might have. People often confuse clairempaths with Clairsentients, and understandably so because there is a very thin line between emotions and feelings. Feelings are usually evoked by our thoughts, while emotions are bodily sensations.

6. Clairalience

Psychics with clairalience have a heightened sense of smell; they can smell evil and good spirits. When a psychic with clairalience walks into a room, they can sense the presence of spirits and translate the meanings of the messages they are sending. In some cases, however, people with clairalience abilities smell things that aren’t happening in their environment. For instance, they can smell tobacco despite nobody smoking in the vicinity.

7. Mediumship

Mediums are psychics who bridge the world between the living and the dead. They help other willing humans communicate with dead spirits. It is one of the most popular psychic abilities, as people are often interested in hearing what their departed loved ones have to say. While mediumship doesn’t necessarily mean the gifted can directly communicate with the dead, an individual with the psychic ability can better interpret the message being passed.

8. Clairgustance

Clairgustance is one of the least popular psychic abilities. It revolves around psychics tasting the essence of the spirits within the vicinity. Spirits communicate through various channels, one being through things they like. A clairgustant is able to tell what a particular spirit likes and the message it is passing. People with this psychic ability can also taste things without putting them in their mouths.

9. Clairtangency

Most psychics are gifted with clairtangency. The gifted can get messages from the spiritual realm by touching an object that belonged to a loved one. However, for clairtangency to work, the item in question must be very personal. It can be a watch, a ring, or a favorite pair of clothing.

According to clairtangency, such items usually have the vibrations of the owner even if they are departed. So, by touching these objects, the psychic can invoke the spirit of a loved one and see, feel, or hear whatever message they want to pass.

10. Cartomancy

Are you familiar with tarot cards? Well, cartomancy is the psychic ability to predict what will happen with the help of tarot cards. Most people prefer approaching a cartomancy psychic when worried about the future. The psychics can draw cards and tell what will happen to the subject in the future.

Cartomancy psychics are very powerful, and their predictions are often very accurate. It is one of the most sought-after psychic abilities. As such, many scammers are pretending to have the gift, so any interested party is urged to be careful.

11. Retrocognition

This is the ability to see a person’s past lives before they were brought into this world. For those who believe in reincarnation, retrocognition can provide the answers they are looking for.

12. Telepathy

Telepathy is a psychic ability that involves communicating through thoughts. A telepathy psychic reader can tell what another person is thinking without being told. They don’t need to touch the subject or engage in other forms of physical interaction. Out of all psychic abilities, telepathy is the rarest because it takes years of practice to unlock it.

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