DWQA QuestionsAskReaders: What “good advice” do you think is actually bad advice?
Admin Staff asked 7 years ago
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Valentina answered 7 years ago

Maybe not the most important info, but anyway:
A tip you here from so-called chefs is to put oil on their freshly cooked pasta, so it’s not clumping together. Never do that and never rinse it in cold water. Putting oil on your pasta after cooking prevents that the (hopefully good) sauce it soaking into it. And if the pasta is a little bit clumped it will be fine after you put it in hot or warm liquid, like sauce or water.

nathaniel answered 7 years ago

Any advice you get from a financial advisor that works for a firm and is not a fiduciary.

Most financial advisors are paid a commission to sell you an investment product. They are not required to tell you that they get a commission.

A fiduciary must operate in YOUR financial interest.
They will tell you to invest in municipal bonds and index funds.

nathaniel answered 7 years ago

For married couples: Never go to bed angry.
This is bad advice because it quickly becomes, “Stay up and fight.”
The only result of this is one of the partners becomes worn down by the other one, that will only breed resentment.
Taking time away from a heated discussion can result in getting a new perspective on the other person’s point-of-view. Perhaps a friend might call one of you out for being plainly wrong. Many things can happen between a decent night’s sleep and the next opportunity to fight.

KC Burgos answered 7 years ago

Just “Be” Yourself. Listen everyone has some unique parts of them. And in many ways one should be themselves. But many times think and understand situations before just “being” yourself. First impressions for example. Being yourself is ok. But like everything else it’s a sometimes thing. Not all the time. And That’s ok.

Steve answered 7 years ago

Do what you love. At some point what you do for work will become tedious and then doing what you love will become a chore and no longer fun and you have now lost something. Do what you like but keep what you love for yourself.

GareBear answered 7 years ago

Not exactly “bad” advice, but the whole “you have to graduate from college to be successful” is definitely misleading advice. It is just shoved in your face from a very young age, and from just about every facet of life.
I am a college graduate, and I did pretty well in the field of Business Administration. My wife worked at Wal-Mart the entire time I was working towards my degree. After graduation, I hooked a job in my field, but it was entry level, and I was making a good $2-$3 less than my wife. My wife manage to get promoted several times, and now makes great money. I managed to have a panic attack and nervous breakdown at work, and now work as a delivery driver for a sandwich shop.
What “sweetens” the whole deal? I realized I enjoyed my delivery job. It is stress free, and the pay is decent. I wanted a minimal life style, and never had expensive tastes, but the bombardment of “college degree or you’re a failure” landed me with loan debt, and more stress than if I just would have gone with the flow. Even my wife is happier, and she never planned on going to college.

Allen answered 7 years ago

Playing dead around large cats, Mountain Lions and the like. If you lay down in the Fetal position you probably won’t get back up if the cat is hungry. Don’t run either. Instead stand tall, open your jacket to look bigger. Keep any children behind you and be loud. Finally IF you are attacked fight back. Big cats tend to try for a one bite take down on the neck. If attacked fight back by attacking the face, use any means available. I have even hear of a Mountain lions being driven off by a 70 year old woman with a ballpoint pen.

Dave answered 7 years ago

Fake it till you make it. I recommend lessons BEFORE scuba diving in the open ocean…turns out theres more to it than just breathing…

Mrs. Wolfengrave answered 7 years ago

Marry for love
Before anyone jumps down my throat let me explain! Yes you must love and cherish your spouse but that CAN’T be the only reason you marry. Marriage is so much deeper than that. You both have to be on the same page and have the same goals. Are you a homebody, but they like to go out? Did you always dream of having a big family, but they could care less? Do you have expensive tastes, but they like to live minimally? You may be able to ignore this when you’re in love but trust me, when you are married for years and years, these “small” things will become huge things. Look deeper than love! Look for a strong foundation and similar dreams. That’s the holy trinity to a happy marriage!

Ivan answered 6 years ago

The US tax system. Every so often I hear from a coworker how making some extra overtime is not worth it because their taxes will increase to more than half of their pay. I have to explain to them that in order for them to jump to the next bracket they would have to increase their pay an additional 25% for the year, which is not going to happen.  That’s just to reach the higher bracket, they’ll only get taxed at the higher limit on money made after that.

Devin P answered 6 years ago

“If you’re poor, only buy what you need”. This is actually bad advice because eventually you will splurge and spend way more money than what you can actually afford. Instead, every time you get paid, treat yourself in a small, inexpensive way. This will keep you from making a huge impulse purchase.

bright_crayon answered 5 years ago

“All you need is love” sets an unrealistic expectation for romantic relationships. Sure, love is a very important but respect, communication, loyalty, and fidelity are as much if not more important than love for the sustaining of a healthy relationship.

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