DWQA QuestionsCategory: QuestionsWhy are the insects from Australia So Huge.
Matthew Edward Carnes asked 7 years ago

Hello I’m from New York, USA, I have seen pictures and videos on the Internet from time to time, about large insects from Australia. I have some ants and spiders in my backyard and shed but have never seen anything as big as these. They are big enough to put fear in me if I were ever to touch them, (and I don’t fear any bugs except bees and wasps). Such insects like large spiders, bees, ants, and worms I didn’t find out from here but here’s an example of what I mean from a last minute Google search. http://www.therichest.com/rich-list/13-bugs-from-australia-that-will-haunt-you/?view=all I’m just wondering why these Insects So Huge from the other one i’ve seen. And is there a reason they always appear to be from Australia or is australia just got a Internet reputation for being the source of these. I mean I’m normally not a bug person but these just make me think they were in a nuke lab or genetically engineered or some sh*t, I know those both aren’t the real answers, but what reason it is they are so cartoonishly big. 

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