Pixar’s movies have a satisfying, magical feel that makes them unique. Since the release of the first Toy Story, the Pixar creative team has a knack for birthing the most amazing characters the audience can’t help but love by going above and beyond with their character creation. They somehow have made us fall in love with a clownfish, a pick-up truck, and even a lot of monsters at a monster school. This is because Pixar’s characters live beyond the screen; they all seem to exist outside the frames of the viewers’ screens because they’re relatable, admirable, and express real emotions. 

With the release of the new Buzz Lightyear trailer, this article hopes to shed light on the most beloved Pixar characters, ranking them in terms of their popularity.

Top 3 Most Searched Pixar Characters 

Ranking the top most popular Pixar characters based on searches on the internet is by no means an easy task. The image provided by Compare The Market above shows the top 3 most searched Pixar characters are. Let’s talk about them a little more.


One of the elements that make the works of the Pixar franchise unique is their ability to tell compelling stories that we connect with on a deep level. At first glance, the story of a scavenging robot performing monotonous tasks in an apocalyptic world feels uninteresting and far-fetched. But when you consider the monotony of human life and WALL-E’s search for essential human experiences such as love, happiness, rest, and family, you will realize how compelling the story is. 

For the first half of the story, WALL-E is adorable as he completely falls in love with Eve. However, the second half of the story throws us into a sci-fi world as WALL-E, Eve, and the ship’s captain work together to fight the ship’s autopilot, so they can get back to earth. This robot experiences it all, and to crown it all, he speaks no actual words besides his name and Eve’s throughout the movie. WALL-E being the topmost searched character therefore comes as no surprise.

Mike Wazowski

The incredible story of Mike Wazowski and James Sullivan in Monster Inc. is another fan favorite. Released about two decades ago, Mike’s amusing personality quickly endeared him to fans worldwide. The development of his relationship with other characters in the movie showed several dynamics in human relationships and how different people with contrasting characters can form lifelong bonds. For his wit and the many lessons taught on friendship, the bravery to be unique in finding your path, and his ageless charm, viewers from all parts of the globe still today refer to him in jokes and memes in the social media space. With this and many more attributes, there’s no surprise the green fella comes second. 


Nothing captures the heart more than the story of a lost, innocent boy fish searching for his way back home. Forced to face different waves and many challenges far beyond his years, the incredible story of Nemo has resonated with fans to a great extent. Throughout his journey, he comes in contact with different ocean creatures and learns important life lessons along the way. His journey, coupled with his father Marlin’s frantic search for him across different ocean waters, has fans purring in love and adoration for the duo. 

Finding Nemo is a timeless classic, able to keep fans of different generations on the edges of their seats through the film’s entire duration. The beautiful scenery of the corals in the ocean was also a breakthrough in CGI imagery, with pictures guaranteed to stimulate the minds of many and educate all on the beauty that lies in the depths of the ocean. The film’s best moments were the ones that captured the father-and-son dynamic, evident in the times before their separation and at their reunion at the latter end of the movie. 

The coming production of the space ranger Buzz Lightyear will undoubtedly impress the global audience, leaving us with more understanding of familiar heroes and hopefully discovering new ones to add to the already long list of favorite heroes and characters.

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Last Update: February 5, 2022