Roofing Facts: 5 Things You Never Knew About Commercial Roofing


Commercial roofing is a fascinating industry. Think about how much engineering has to go into protecting businesses with a flat roof. Without a little ingenuity, a commercial roof could collapse with all of the weight of water and snow on it.

Are you fascinated by commercial roofs and how they work? Keep reading to discover the most interesting facts about these marvels of engineering.

1. The Cost of a Commercial Roof Leak

A commercial roof leak can be costly. Think about all of the equipment and inventory that a commercial roof protects.

The damage of a roof leak can cost as much as $40,000 in damaged products for a business. That can be hard to recover from, no matter how good your insurance company is.

2. You Can Use Foam to Protect Your Roof

This is one of the most interesting roofing facts because no one really thinks of foam on roofing.

When you think of foam, you think of a lightweight spongy material that soaks up water. That’s not the type of foam that is used on a commercial roof.

Some commercial roofs have spray foam roofing applied. It’s actually liquid plastic rather than a type of foam you’d normally think about.

When this liquid is applied, it expands, creating a lightweight barrier in your roof. The advantage is that it’s dense and light, which takes the stress off of your roof.

3. You Can’t Do DIY Projects on a Commercial Roof

The thing about a commercial roof is that it’s a system. It’s actually a complex system designed to protect a business from the elements and keep their most precious assets safe.

This isn’t something that you can fix yourself or install on your own. Commercial roof installation is complicated and it needs to be left to the pros. If you try to do it on your own, you’re going to be left with a bigger mess than you started with.  

It also requires specialized knowledge and equipment. In the case of spray foam roofing, you’re dealing with the application of chemicals, which isn’t something you want to handle on your own.

4. Roofs Need Ventilation

Your roof needs air to have a thriving roof system. A roof and the attic space allows air to circulate. This is critical to let moist air escape. Moisture can build up over time and turn into a mold problem.

That’s a massive problem that you’d have to deal with.

5. Your Roof Can Last for Years

A commercial roof can last for many years. This will depend on the type of roofing system and maintenance. They can last anywhere from 25-35 years or more.

It’s an added incentive to keep your roof well-maintained over the long term.

Fun Roofing Facts for Any Occasion

The most random roofing facts have to do with the structure of the roof and the damage a roof leak can cause. You probably didn’t know that a commercial roof can be made of foam as part of a very complex system.

When you share these roofing facts, you’ll show off your geeky side, which can be great when you’re talking with engineers and property owners.

Do you want more amazing facts? Head over to the Random Fact Generator for the most random facts you can find.

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