Safety Advice: How to keep Burglars out of your house

November 23, 2015
Comments (5)
  1. Joey says:

    I most have called a thousand times.
    To tell you I’m sorry.
    For breaking into your home.
    Said nobody.

  2. Emperor of Mankind says:

    Yooo if any one breaks into my house I’m running at them naked with a scary a** mask, and a bayonetted airsoft rifle painted all black shouting “get out my house!” With my big a** dog named Tiberius chasing them.

  3. Sam says:

    Dog thing works, my pit barks if you get too close to the door. Scared the Jehovah Witnesses that came knocking.

    1. Thei says:

      In my neighbourhood they once arrested a whole rig of people who burgled houses. Aside from the huge amounts of tools and electrical items, they also found that they had made a map where it was shown which houses had dogs. Those houses weren’t robbed, just show how important a dog is.
      (sorry for imperfect english)

  4. Matt says:

    Didnt know theifs go through the work of scams to break into your house or that house theifs had plans when going into your house just thought the thief came and and took the most expensive looking sh*t he could carry

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