26-30 Samsung Facts

26. Samsung owns the biggest credit card company in South Korea, it’s called Samsung Card. – Source

27. Samsung has created a high-tech dog house that retails at $30,000. It comes with an automatic food dispenser, a grass turf covered treadmill, a hydrotherapy pool, vinyl walls that the owner can cover with photos, and a Samsung Galaxy Tab S. – Source

28. Samsung’s holding is so diverse that it owns a significant portion of the clothing brand FUBU. Although Samsung has partially owned FUBU since 1995, Samsung’s involvement has led to a recent resurgence of the brand’s popularity in South Korea. – Source

29. Samsung presented in 1994 the first Korean-built electric car the SEV-III. – Source

30. Samsung claimed that its Galaxy customers do not have the right to sue the company for fire-related damages by Samsung phones. – Source

31-34 Samsung Facts

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31. Samsung maintains major operations of Harman/Kardon, AKG, JBL, JBL Professional, AMX, Crown Audio, Infinity, Lexicon, dbx, DigiTech, Mark Levinson, Martin, Revel, Soundcraft, Studer more than twenty company’s. – Source

32. Samsung has a huge office park in Seoul all to itself, called “SamsungTown”. – Source

33. The song Samsung washers play is based on Schubert’s “Die Forelle”, a song about a fisherman who muddies water to catch a trout. – Source

34. There is a South Korean equivalent of a Nobel Prize called the “Ho-Am Prize” which is funded by Samsung. – Source


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