Here are 10 Interesting San Jose facts.

1-5 San Jose Facts

1. San Jose’s Electric Light Tower was built in 1881, this 237ft tower held six arc lamps that produced 24,000 candlepower. It was bright enough to throw distinct shadows 1 mile away. – Source

2. San Jose has the largest population of Vietnamese people in a single city outside of Vietnam. – Source

3. San Jose, CA residents have the longest life spans in the USA. – Source

4. In 2015, San Jose police stopped a man from committing suicide by sending him a pizza and phone for negotiating using a bomb disposal robot. – Source

5. There are pieces of Beethoven’s skull at San Jose State University’s Ira F. Brilliant Center for Beethoven Studies. – Source

6-10 San Jose Facts

6. The wife of the Winchester fortune built a house in San Jose that is so massive that rooms are still being discovered as recently as 2016. – Source

7. Cities like San Jose and Los Angeles use the same amount of water as they did 30 years ago, despite population growth. – Source

8. 10,000 people watched two (white) men being lynched in San Jose, CA, with the Governor’s approval, and the event was even promoted on live radio. – Source

9. The world’s largest playable Monopoly board is 930 square feet and is located in San Jose, CA. – Source

10. There is a statue resembling a massive pile of dogshit in the middle of San Jose, CA. – Source


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