The use of scissors has been documented from as early as 100 AD. They are popular with tailors, barbers, and hairdressers and are common in many households. The quality and designs of scissors have improved over time, with their sharpness and durability being of great concern in the modern world. That said, how often do you think about these tools? Here are some facts about scissors to jog your memory or perhaps learn something new.

1. Most Scissors are Designed for Right-Handed Users

a person holding a pair of scissors over a piece of paper

Most of the world’s population is right-handed, so most scissors are designed to best suit this demographic. Using the left hand to operate a right-handed scissor only results in folding the piece of cloth or paper instead of cutting it. However, modern inventions have led to the production and popularization of left-handed scissors.

2. Surgeons Hold Scissors with Their Thumb and Ring Fingers

Interestingly, surgeons hold their surgical scissors on the thumb and ring finger as opposed to the regular thumb and index/middle finger combination. The goal is to allow the tip of the scissors to remain stable as the arm pronates and supinates.

3. Some Pairs of Scissors Cost Up to $35,000

Standard scissors often cost less than $10. However, some are super costly; the Sasuke Bonsai Scissors, which cost up to $35,000, is a perfect example. It is crafted using traditional techniques, and it can take up to 1 week for the blacksmith, Yasuhiro Hirakawa, to forge one pair. As the name suggests, Bonsai Scissors are perfect for trimming Bonsai.

4. Hangzhou Zhang Xiaoquan Has Been Manufacturing Scissors Since 1663

Hangzhou Zhang Xiaoquan is a Chinese company that has been making scissors since 1663. It started during the Ming Dynasty era when Zhang Jiasi discovered a technique that allowed him to create quality products. His son, Zhang Xiaoquan, inherited the business, shaping the company’s growth to what it is today.

5. Scissors are One of the Most Common Tools Left Inside a Patient After Surgery

Scissors, scalpels, clamps, and knife blades are some of the most common tools that are usually left/forgotten inside patients after surgery. This has resulted in thousands of medical malpractice lawsuits over the years.

6. Expectant Chinese Women Should Not Hold Scissors Near the Marital Bed

In China, there is a superstition that pregnant women should avoid holding or using scissors, especially near the marital bed. They believe that doing so can affect the unborn child, leading to defects such as a cleft or missing organ.

7. Piranhas Can Be Used as Scissors

Thanks to their sharp teeth and powerful jaws, piranhas can be used as scissors. They can cut through almost everything, including bones.

8. Kitchen Scissors Can Be Used to Open Bottles

Some kitchen scissors have a bottle-cap opening functionality, usually located near the middle. This extra feature improves the tool’s functionality and efficiency.

9. In 1998, Micheal Irvin Almost Stabbed a Teammate with a Pair of Scissors

Michael Irvin was a Dallas Cowboys wide receiver; he is one of the best to ever ply the trade. However, there is a dark stain in his remarkable career: he once nearly fatally stubbed his teammate using a pair of scissors. The incident happened in 1998 following a barbershop dispute over a shaving spot. The victim, Everett McIver, unknowingly sat in Irvin’s sport, leading to the near-death altercation. Irvin was heavily fined by his team following the incident.

10. Peru Has Unique Scissor Dances

Danza de las Tijeras, which loosely translates to “Scissors dance” in English, is an original dance from the Andes in Peru. It involves two people following respective violin and harp orchestras. They take turns performing explicit and challenging moves, including dancing on one foot. Different variations of the scissor dance are available.

11. Scissors Were Initially Made Out of Bronze

In the early days of the invention of scissors, they were made of bronze. Over time, bronze was replaced with iron before we got to the preferred stainless steel pair of scissors we have today – it is more durable and easy to sharpen.

12. The Largest Pair of Scissors Measures 10 Feet

On May 19, the Arizona Science Center set the record for making the largest pair of scissors. It measured 10 ft. (3.05 meters), and it was used to cut the event’s ribbon.

13. Scissors is the Least Popular Choice in the Game of Rock, Paper, Scissors

According to extensive research, the “Scissors” option is the least popular choice in the Rock, Paper Scissors game, with “Rock” being the most preferred. Experts claim that rock is always the go-to choice because it’s the most aggressive option. As a result, most men tend to go with rock, whereas women will choose scissors. This makes “paper” the safest option.

14. A Japanese Fugitive Successfully Carried Out Facial Surgery on Himself Using Scissors to Avoid Capture

Tatsuya Ichihashi, who was accused of defiling and murdering his English teacher, admitted to performing face surgery to change his identity. Surprisingly, he achieved this by using scissors, a needle, a thread, and a box cutter. He did a nose job and scissored his lower lip. Tatsuya Ichihashi was arrested later on in 2009.

15. Leonardo Da Vinci Did Not Invent Scissors

Contrary to popular myths, Leonardo Da Vinci did not invent scissors. The origin of scissors dates back to Mesopotamia and ancient Rome, a time when he wasn’t alive. Da Vinci, however, popularized the tool’s use through his works. Historical documents don’t credit anyone with the invention. Robert Hinchcliffe is widely considered the father of modern scissors because he mass-produced and sold them long after Da Vinci’s death.


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