21-25 Secret Service Facts

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21. Serial killer John Wayne Gacy met First Lady Rosalynn Carter in 1978. The picture of them together shows him wearing a pin that meant Secret Service gave him special clearance. – Source

22. In 1985, Richard Nixon decided to drop his Secret Service protection saying that its yearly cost of $3 million from taxpayers’ money is too much. – Source

23. A Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) employee had top secret documents stolen from his car while attending a Toronto Maple Leafs hockey game. – Source

24. “The Beast” AKA “US President’s state car” has no keyholes on its passenger doors; the way to open the doors on the limousine is a secret known only to the Secret Service. – Source

25. In 2002, German citizens were tipped off about wiretapping, when a software error led to a phone number allocated to the German Secret Service being listed on the mobile telephone bill. – Source

26-30 Secret Service Facts

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26. Hugo Boss was a member of the Nazi Party and sponsored Hitler’s secret service, the Schutzstaffel. – Source

27. Eleanor Roosevelt regularly refused Secret Service protection, and instead traveled with a .22 Smith and Wesson on her person. – Source

28. Sir George Mansfield Smith-c*mming of the British Secret Intelligence Service discovered that semen made a good invisible ink. – Source

29. The department store company Target has its own criminal forensics laboratories that have been used by agencies like the US Secret Service, ATF, and the FBI. – Source

30. When the Soviets gave Jacqueline Kennedy a puppy, the Secret Service was worried that it may have microphones implanted in it. – Source

31-35 Secret Service Facts

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31. In 2010, the US Department of Education purchased 27 Remington Model 870 shotguns, the same weapons used by federal law enforcement agencies including the FBI and the Secret Service. Additionally, a month prior to the Department of Ed’s purchase, the IRS also bought 60 of the shotguns. – Source

32. Writer (from Cracked.com) Daniel O’Brien was questioned by the FBI and Secret Services after writing an article titled “How to Kidnap the President’s Daughter.” – Source

33. Hacker Samy Kamkar created a Myspace virus, which made anyone that looked at his profile automatically become his Myspace friend. It spread at a rate of 1000 accounts becoming his friend every second, resulting in over 1 million friends. Samy was raided by the Secret Service and got probation. – Source

34. A man called Richard Weaver, known as the Handshake Man is famous for bypassing the Secret Service and shaking the hands of various Presidents. He does this to pass them notes about God, as he believes he is a prophet. – Source

35. A former US Secret Service head pressed charges against an elderly deaf couple, forcing them from their home. – Source

36-37 Secret Service Facts

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36. In the 1990’s Denny’s was involved in a series of discrimination cases including an incident when six black Secret Service agents visited a Denny’s in Annapolis, MD where they were forced to wait while their white companions were seated immediately upon entering. – Source

37. The hijack of Air France Flight 8969, widely claimed by the media as done by terrorists, could have been done by the Secret Service of Algeria to draw support from France in the ongoing Algerian civil war. – Source

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