10 Fun Facts About September

September 16, 2019
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  1. THAT guy says:

    “modern-day US calendar year”. Excuse me, but the US wasn’t even a colony when we started using the current gregorian calendar in 1582.

    The rest of the article is merely a rephrase of the page where the first link leads to.

  2. Derek Muhl says:

    labor day is a major holiday that falls in September in the US

  3. THAT guy says:

    So, I made a comment here last week and it didn’t get placed. Considering it was more fact-based than the article, I can only assume you are unable to handle criticism.

    Rather sad isn’t it? I mean, to ignore or leave out certain parts you don’t LIKE (while being truthful) is pretty much the way to lose a realistic perspective. And the faith of any readers here.

    I’m not saying you should post negative comments (they tend to do more harm than resolve), but you could have at least read the source of the article and have it changed or removed it.

    Wait, let’s go ask the original author what he/she thinks. Probably not liking the content-spin there. I’ll let you know.

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