35 Interesting Facts About Solar Energy

July 10, 2017
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  1. Rudy says:

    MAN is solar energy overrated. I will do anything to not have my electricity supply depend on the weather.

    You see the picture of the Tesla island? Do you think that plants don’t grow on the soil underneath by accident? No, there’s massive herbicide usage, I’m sure. Do you think those panels are always that clean and dust-free? Someone is probably wiping them down every week. What happens when a hurricane/tropical storm passes over? Not only are they not going to get enough power due to days of thick clouds/rain, these relatively fragile solar arrays are going to shatter and blow to the ends of the earth.

    Obviously, I am being a bit melodramatic, and the tropics are a much more feasible location for a solar array than higher latitudes. It is entirely within the right of people to attempt to gather their electricity from the sun instead of burn diesel. But let’s not delude ourselves into thinking it’s going to check all the boxes a consumer is looking for in an energy supply; diffuse over a large area, intermittent via nighttime and clouds, dependent on backup power or expensive batteries with diminishing returns over their lifespan.

    4th generation nuclear energy, as scary as it SEEMS, is in fact the safest form of power that we currently have (as the article states) and it is just as zero-carbon as solar/wind if not more.

    1. fritoz says:

      I guess im not sure what you are scared of with solar power… are you heavily invested in COAL, oil, or fracking? It just seems short sighted to not embrace green energy that is sustainable and doesn’t produce nuclear waste, which everyone seems to forget about.

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