21-25 Solar Energy Facts

21. Germany has one of the most successful renewable energy sectors in the world, with more than 23,000 wind turbines and 1.4 million solar PV systems in use. The country aims to have renewable national electricity of 40 to 45% by 2025, 55 to 60% by 2035, and 80% by 2050. – Source

22. New Jersey produces more electricity using solar energy than Arizona. – Source

23. The world’s largest solar-powered hospital is in rural Haiti and it’s capable of producing more than 100 percent of its required energy. – Source

24. The world’s largest solar plant is the Solar Star in California. It produces enough electricity to power around 255,000 homes, roughly equal to the population of Boston, MA. – Source

25. Michigan State University developed new solar technology that doesn’t block light, can potentially be used in large scale, and is still affordable. – Source

26-30 Solar Energy Facts

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26. India is building solar canals to tackle two challenges simultaneously by providing energy and water security. – Source

27. Clothesline bans are illegal in many states due to solar access laws, you have a right to install a solar energy system. – Source

28. The price of solar energy-generated electricity, calculated by a legitimate Levelized cost of energy (LCOE) method (i.e. REAL = no subsidies or indirect costs included), is now competitive in many regions with the price of electricity generated by conventional sources. – Source

29. Cyanobacteria convert solar energy into biomass-stored chemical energy at the rate of ~450 TW, accounting for 20-30% of Earth’s photosynthetic productivity. – Source

30. It only takes 0.3% of the possible solar energy from the Sahara to power all of Europe. – Source

31-35 Solar Energy Facts

31. Saudi Arabia is trying to become a leader in Solar Power, including a goal to meet 20% of their projected electricity needs with Solar by 2032. – Source

32. Ikaros a Japanese spacecraft that has launched is using a solar sail to capture the sun’s energy for propulsion. – Source

33. Some solar energy systems use the earth as a thermal battery by heating the soil up in the summer and extracting that heat in the winter. – Source

34. It’s possible to purchase and use solar energy without actually owning or renting solar panels, thanks to these things called Solar Renewable Energy Certificates. – Source

35. Roads can be constructed out of solar panels and are already being tested in the Netherlands as a new source of sustainable energy. – Source

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