25 Interesting Facts About Soviet Russia

March 9, 2021
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    1. $wag Moneys wife says:

      Josh you’re the most ignorant person I’ve ever met

    2. $wag Money says:

      Shut up Josh No one likes you
      snapchat me at @davisob

      1. CallingOutYourBulshavic says:

        You sir, have no right to call josh ignorant. You are rude, and very disrespectful. I do tip my hat to you for at least using proper grammar when you insulted, but please. Don’t act so idiotic to some random person. And the fact you clearly used two hardly different names to attack the man was absolutely stupid. Also, this is a website for giving information, not harassment and advertising your SnapChat account. Frankly after you acting in such a manner, I’d be surprised if anyone would give you the time of day to even have the thought of SnapChatting with you.

        1. Sean says:

          Sorry man for josh

        2. No-one says:

          100% Savage

        3. Volf says:

          Agreed good man

      2. ED says:

        WHY every time I look up The Soviet Union. It shows Russia SMH.

      3. ED says:

        WHY every time I look up The Soviet Union. It shows Russia SMH

      4. Sharen says:

        I have a masters degree in history USSR was never a thing it was just lies made up by the government to get people to pay more taxes

    3. MemeMaster64 says:

      Don’t listen to them josh we’re here for you

  1. Sean says:

    Ireland is great

  2. someone says:

    that’s why the are more women than man in Russia

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