It’s common sense that food, water, and medicine are the only things you should swallow. However, doctors have witnessed strange cases of people swallowing very odd objects over the years. And while this might be excusable for kids, there are surprisingly adult cases, too. Here is a list of strange things people have swallowed.

1. An LED Bulb

In 2012, a young girl was brought into the Queen Mary Hospital in Hong Kong. She had trouble breathing, so an X-ray was done to determine the problem. To their surprise, the doctors discovered an item that resembled a hairpin in her airway. Upon closer examination, it was found to be a light-emitting diode. Fortunately, the girl’s life was saved when the doctors carefully removed pieces of the LED bulb.

2. A Fitness Tracker

A 13-year-old girl in South Korea placed a fitness tracker (Missfit Shine) in her mouth while swimming to gauge her performance. Unfortunately, the device dropped to her stomach as she swam. The young lady waited for it to come out on its own, but that never happened. She went to the ER a day later, where the tracker was removed successfully. The tracker was still functioning properly.

3. A Toothbrush

In 2011, an 18-year-old girl accidentally swallowed her toothbrush. She admitted that she was trying to vomit and used the toothbrush to gag her throat. The toothbrush was 8 inches long and had invaded her food pipe. With the help of a snare-like medical gadget, doctors were able to pull the toothbrush out. The patient was kept on painkillers for a few days.

4. A SpongeBob Pendant

While treating a 16-month-old boy, doctors accidentally discovered a SpongeBob pendant in the child’s throat. Thankfully, they were able to remove it without inducing severe injuries to the infant. It was later figured the pendant belonged to the boy’s sister.

5. A Phone

In a report published in 2016, doctors had to remove a cell phone that was swallowed whole by an Irish prisoner. The 29-year-old convict was trying to hide the communication device from the authorities, so he ended up ingesting it. At first, the doctors tried to remove the phone through the esophagus, but that didn’t work because there was a risk of harming the man’s digestive tract. They had to perform a minor surgery to save the man’s life.

6. A Lighter

While being interrogated for smuggling drugs, a suspect in Croatia swallowed a lighter after covering it with cellophane. Covering the lighter proved to be a wise move because, had he not, the lighter’s contents would have harmed his internal organs severely. The lighter stayed in this man’s stomach for 17 months before it was pulled through the esophagus using a snare-like tool.

7. Human Urine

A guy at a party woke up one morning with a bad hangover. He immediately grabbed a two-liter bottle of Sprite to quench his thirst. After taking the first sip, he realized it was pee. He was so disgusted that he remembers this incident to date.

8. Metal and Plastic Utensils

The ER section in New Hampshire was astounded when a prisoner was brought there several times for swallowing metal and plastic utensils. According to Kathleen Clem, an emergency physician, the inmate was brought to the facility several times for swallowing spoons and forks. The most intriguing part is that he used to do this intentionally.

9. A Live Spider

In Los Angeles, a patient felt something scrappy in her throat after drinking a bottle of Kool-Aid. It was not until she went to the ER that a live spider was pulled from her throat by an emergency doctor.

10. Hair

A girl from Kyrgyzstan was diagnosed with a condition called trichophagia, otherwise known as “Rapunzel Syndrome“. This condition caused her to eat her hair. After losing about 40 pounds and suffering severe abdominal pain, doctors discovered a 9-pound hairball stuck in her stomach.

11. Cobblestones

After fighting with her boyfriend, a woman in China swallowed 20 cobblestones, assuming they would pass through her digestive tract and get out. However, the cobblestones got stuck in her stomach. Luckily, she lived to tell the tale of how she could feel the stones knock against each other in her belly.

12. A Pen

A woman from Britain went to hospital complaining about stomach ache and diarrhea. After several examinations, doctors discovered a pen in her abdomen. What was more astonishing is that the woman claimed she swallowed the pen about 25 years ago while checking out her tonsils. Until then, she hadn’t visited any medical facility regarding the matter.

13. An Engagement Ring

A guy named Simon Hooper planned to propose to his girlfriend but did not have the money to pay for an engagement ring. So, while the attendant was distracted, he swallowed the ring, hoping he would poop it out later and then use it to propose; that never happened. The ring got stuck in his stomach, and he had to undergo surgery.

Still on wedding rings, a mother in Seattle noticed hers was missing. She looked everywhere for it but couldn’t find it. Later on, the diamond ring was discovered in her baby’s stomach.

14. Keys

Chris Forster, a college student from Bournemouth University, swallowed his dorm keys so that his friends wouldn’t take him back to his room. Apparently, the student didn’t want the party to end, so he thought swallowing his room’s keys was the best solution.

15. Pool Balls

The story of Stevie Starr is unlike any of the scenarios discussed above; he intentionally swallows a pool ball and can regurgitate it at any time. Steve is a performer whose acts leave doctors dumbfounded because an object of such mass shouldn’t be able to come out of the stomach without mechanical help.

16. Ashes of the Deceased

A woman named Casie started eating the ashes of her deceased husband. She would occasionally open the urn and eat small finger dips of ashes. Before long, she found herself tossing her husband’s ashes around town whenever she was running errands.

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