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Suit Up! (Infographic)

Whether it’s the holidays, a date, or a job interview, that you need to dress up for, here is a little guidance.


Because every man should own at least one suit, and should also know how to look good in it.

Now let’s talk about how it should fit


A suit can be ruined by the wrong pair of shoes.


They don’t have to be wingtips, also this rule applies to your belt as well.

Now that you know how to wear a suit, you need to be able to tie your tie.


Also remember that when you’re done the tip of the tie should end between the top and bottom of your belt buckle.  It will probably take a couple tries to get it just right but you don’t want a tie that’s too long or too short.

So now that you’re armed with the knowledge, you know what to do.


Now go out and be legend- wait for it…


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  • I must say I have been very disappointed, info graphs are boring. I am very excited every day to see the new facts but an info graph about suits, come on guys you are better than that.


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