If you are a gaming enthusiast, you have definitely played or heard about Super Mario. Despite its simple graphics, the game has provided one of the biggest nostalgias of the 80s through to the 2000s – Super Mario’s signature outfit and moustache left a positive mark on most gamers. However, there is more to the game than the Mushroom Kingdom-racing exhibited by the Super Mario character. Here are some fun Super Mario facts that will remind you of childhood.

1. Super Mario was Initially Called Jumpman

super mario holding m ms candy cane

Super Mario was initially called Jumpman, thanks to the character’s ability to jump over obstacles. However, with the game’s further development, the name was changed to Mario in honor of Mario Segale, who rented a warehouse to Nintendo. The gaming developers felt obliged to name the game after the landlord who didn’t evict them even when they defaulted on house rent.

2. Super Mario was a Carpenter Before Becoming a Plumber

In the days when Super Mario was called Jumpman, he was a carpenter. The game Donkey Kong was set on a construction site, and Jumpman was a carpenter. However, when Super Mario was released, it was set underground. Mario had to navigate through pipes, thus switching his career to a plumber.

3. The Creator of Super Mario Isn’t Allowed to Cycle to Work

Even though he likes to ride his bike, Nintendo prohibits Shigeru Miyamoto, Super Mario’s creator, from cycling to work to enhance his safety. Besides Super Mario, Miyamoto is credited with developing Donkey Kong and other video games.

4. Super Mario Strategy Guide was the Best-Selling Book in Japan in 1985

To further outline how popular the Super Mario video game was, the company created its strategy guide that went on to become Japan’s best-seller in 1985. It sold over 600,000 copies just two months after its release. The guide was written by Famicom, the company’s Family Computer Magazine, and published by Tokuma.

5. Super Mario’s Theme Song Has Lyrics

When playing Super Mario, what most gamers hear are just a bunch of “Do do do do’s”. However, Super Mario’s theme song has lyrics! After its release in 1985, a Japanese radio station asked its listeners to submit lyrics that could be used in the game. Nintendo later picked up one of these lyrics, recorded it, and released the song.

6. There was a Clone of Super Marios Called “Giana Sisters”

Released in 1987, the Giana Sisters was a spin-off of the Super Mario Brothers. Even though it had its own style, Nintendo filed a lawsuit against it, citing several violations. The Giana Sisters was later on banned for copyright infringement.

7. In Japan, You Can Tour the Streets in Super Mario Karts

lego mini figure riding blue and red toy car

Because Super Mario is part of Japan’s heritage, the country allows enthusiasts to hire Mario karts and drive around the streets. This is a fun and prevalent activity in Japan, especially in Tokyo, with interested parties able to rent the karts for up to five hours. Most enthusiasts dress like Super Mario to these events.

8. The Original Super Mario 2 was Considered Too Difficult for Americans

The version of Super Mario 2 released in Japan and the one released in America are very different. Nintendo considered Super Mario 2 too difficult for Americans, so it released an alternative sequel with the same name. The original version would, however, reach the US later on.

9. Nintendo Bought the Rights to Super Mario Adult Content Parody

In 1993, adult content star Buck Adams released an X-rated parody of Super Mario. It was one long film divided into Super Hornio Brothers and Super Hornio Brothers 2. To save its image and rights to its intellectual property, Nintendo bought the rights for the parody, stopping the material from being distributed to the public.

10. Super Mario Bros was the First Movie to Be Based on a Video Game

Released in 1993, the Super Mario Brothers is the first movie based on a video game. However, this wasn’t surprising, considering Super Mario was a popular and successful video game in the 80s. A year later, films based on other games like the Double Dragon and Street Fighter were released.

11. In Super Mario Level 3-3, You Can Jump Over the Flag

Based on the game’s design, jumping over the flag poles in all other levels of the Super Mario game is impossible. However, in levels 3 -3, a player can jump over the flag pole and find an unending brick road.

12. Super Mario Actors Drunk Alcohol In Between Takes

Actors John Leguizamo and Bob Hoskins believed the Super Mario movie wasn’t worth all the hype. As such, they didn’t take its production seriously, occasionally taking scotch between the takes. This eventually led to an accident on set where Bob broke his hand.

13. Super Mario Has Appeared in Hundreds of Games

The Super Mario character has appeared in more than 200 games. From his first appearance in Donkey Kong, Super Mario has appeared on Commodore 64, Game Boy Advanced, and many other versions of Mario Bros.

14. There is a Super Mario Day

March 10th is celebrated as Mario Day by Nintendo and other gaming enthusiasts from across the globe. This day was chosen because Mar10, in abbreviation form, looks like the word Mario.

15. The Mario Brothers are Twins

Even though they look different and have varying characteristics, the Mario brothers are twins. According to the Super Mario franchise, Mario and Luigi are twins delivered by a stork to their parents. They were then separated before Yoshi embarked on a quest to reunite the two.


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Last Update: February 9, 2024