Did you know that an average home has about 300,000 items? More interestingly, while it’s true that each one has its purpose, the majority of them can do more than we know. Brace yourself for some “aha” moments as we share some surprising uses of everyday household items.

1. Salt to Clean the Drain

If a nasty odor comes from the drain, do not rush to buy expensive cleaning products. Mix half a cup of salt with half a liter of water and flush it down the drain. Thanks to its abrasive properties, salt can remove minor clogs while cleaning pieces of debris. Even better, if the salt can be mixed with boiling water, the drain will be left spotless.

2. Ketchup to Polish Silver

Instead of visiting a nearby jewelry store for polish, ketchup can be used to polish silver. Pour a few drops of ketchup on silver jewelry and gently rub it with a paper towel. The silver should regain its shine in just a few seconds. Finalize by rinsing the silver with warm water.

3. Cooking Spray on Squeaky Door Hinges

Over time, door hinges accumulate rust and dirt, causing them to squeak when the door is opened or closed – a little cooking spray can eradicate this issue. Cooking oil has similar properties to grease. Therefore, it will smoothen the door hinges, enabling them to open and close without friction.

4. Cut Soft Food with Floss

Unflavored floss is an excellent alternative household item to use to cut soft foods like cheese and butter. Floss delivers a precise cut on such foods and eliminates the need for a knife.

5. Cover Furniture with Foil to Deter Pets

Pets such as dogs and cats do not like the sound of crunchy foil. Therefore, if a pup or kitten is always scratching furniture, cover them with foil for a few days until the pets stop this behavior.

6. Cover the Tips of Chair Legs with Tennis Balls

After a while, the legs of a chair can cause significant scuff marks on floors, irrespective of whether they are made out of carpet or tile. A nifty trick to prevent such is fitting tennis balls on the tips of chair legs. Therefore, no matter how much the chair moves, no scratches won’t be left behind.

7. Remove Stickers with a Hair Dryer

Stickers can be difficult to remove from walls or fridge doors. However, with a hair dryer, the hot air loosens any adhesive between the sticker and the surface, making it easy to pull out.

8. Unclog Drains with a Zip Tie

Investing in a drain snake might be a little bit over the top, especially if one doesn’t plan on being a full-time plumber. A zip tie can act as a makeshift drain snake when dealing with a clogged drain. Cut the notch with scissors and run the zip tie into the drain. It’s very efficient!

9. Make DIY Flour with a Blender

Blenders aren’t only good at making smoothies; they can also be used to make DIY flour. Grab ingredients such as oats or almonds and throw them in the blender to make flour.

10. Fill Nail Holes with Craft Glue

Instead of running to the hardware store for some caulk, fill in the nail holes with craft glue. It will make the walls smooth without the need for any construction materials.

11. Use Wax Paper to Unstick a Zipper

Rubbing wax paper on a stuck zipper introduces lubrication that frees the zipper to easily move up or down. Be careful not to stain the surrounding area.

12. Chalk to Remove Musty Closet Smell

Most closets have a musty and damp smell. Fortunately, placing a few pieces of chalk can eliminate this smell for good. Chalk absorbs odor. So, when placed in a closet, it will get rid of any musty smell. Adding some essential oil to the chalk can spice up the flavor. Also, keeping a bar of soap inside the closet can make clothes smell good.

13. Squeeze Lemons with Tongs

If there isn’t a lemon squeezer close by, one can improvise with a pair of tongs. Place the lemon between the tongs and squeeze out as much juice as possible.

14. Convert Plastic Bottle into a Sprinkler

Plastic bottles continue to cause severe pollution in our environment. Instead of throwing away a plastic bottle, turn it into a sprinkler. First, connect it to a garden hose and tape the end. After that, make holes in the bottle cap and use it to sprinkle the garden.

15. Apply Nail Polish to Strengthen Glasses Frames

Over time, the screws on the glasses become loose. One of the ways that you can re-strengthen them is by applying some nail polish. The DIY trick is effective enough to keep the frames intact until the next checkup.

16. WD-40 to Remove Gum from Clothes

Having a pair of gum stuck on clothing or shoes can be quite annoying. Instead of soaking the cloth or shoe in soap, spray some WD-40 on the affected part and watch the gum come out in seconds.

17. Clean the Computer Keyboard with a Dry Cotton Swab

Most people use wet wipes to clean their computer keyboards. However, this is risky because the liquid can get inside the keys and short-circuit the entire motherboard. To be safe, clean computer keyboards with a dry cotton swab. These swabs are very efficient at pulling debris and dirt in between keystrokes.

18. Remove Sweat Stains on Clothes with Vinegar

For people who sweat a lot, vinegar can come in handy in removing such stains from clothes. Spray some vinegar on the spot and soak the clothing for a few minutes. Rinse, hang the stain-free clothes, and let them dry.

19. Scrub Pots with Aluminum Foil

When one doesn’t have a washing sponge, they can use aluminum foil to scrub pots. Aluminum foil is a strong abrasive that will leave pots sparkling clean. It, however, shouldn’t be used on non-stick pots.

20. Prevent Rust with Petroleum Jelly

After cleaning metal surfaces, a thin layer of petroleum jelly can go a long way in preventing rust. This can be used on all metal surfaces, including indoors and outdoors.

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Last Update: May 20, 2024