Advice: Simple things you can do to make yourself more attractive

We wanted to post this in the AskReaders post, but the responses we got from our readers were so good that we decided to include these responses in today’s Advice article. So remember these are advice from our readers and…

Advice: How to shake yourself out when your brain goes into spiral of negativity

In cognitive behavioral therapy there are certain unhelpful thought patterns, known as “cognitive distortions”, and being aware of these is helpful in breaking out of negativity.

Advice: Helpful Information if you ever dial 911

We asked a 911 operator what helpful information can he share that would be helpful in case anyone has to call 911. This was his response.

Advice: Now that CISA has passed, here are tips to protect your Privacy, Anonymity, and Security

I promise, I am not as crazy and paranoid as this post is about to make me seem. This is just an important issue to me as a techy/geek. This is important for you as well, I swear, so grab…

Advice – How to get Cheap Glasses

Here is some advice on how to get cheap glasses online.

Winter Advice: Staying warm and safe this winter

Recent cold snaps have motivated me to type this out. Hopefully some of you find this helpful.

Auto Advice: Inconsequential Things Drivers Do That Damage their Cars

Continuing with the Monday Advice segment, we asked former car expert and mechanic this question. Here are his answers and suggestions. Due to the length of the article we have split it into two pages. So do check out the…

Safety Advice: How to keep Burglars out of your house

We asked this question to someone who grew up in a bad neighborhood with “a whole lot of thieving scumbags, bank robbers and carjackers.” These are his suggestions, in no particular order, by his own account.