25 Interesting Facts About Mummies and Corpses
July 29, 2020

Here are 25 Interesting Facts About Mummies and Corpses.

23 Inventors Killed by their Own Inventions
June 12, 2020

Here is a list of 23 Inventors Killed by Their Own Inventions.

10 Little Known Modern Alternatives to Cremation
July 22, 2018
01. Resomation Resomation or "bio-cremation," uses heated water and potassium hydroxide to liquefy the body, leaving only bones behind. The bones are then pulverized, much as in regular cremation, and the bone fragments are returned to the family in an…
14 People Who Died During Consensual Sex
February 26, 2016

A 2011 meta-analysis in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that each additional hour of sexual activity per week resulted in an increased risk of 2-3 myocardial infarctions and one sudden cardiac death per 10,000 person-years. Sexual intercourse…

32 People who Died Under Unusual Circumstances – Part 2
February 23, 2016

Here is part 2 of 32 people who died under unusual circumstances. For part 1, click here.

25 People who Died Under Unusual Circumstances – Part 1
February 19, 2016

This list includes only unique or extremely rare circumstances of death recorded throughout history, noted as being unusual by multiple sources.

25 Interesting Facts About Death
July 27, 2015

Here are 25 Interesting Facts About Death.

10 Worst Deaths in History
October 6, 2014

Here is a list of some of the worst deaths in history.

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