We asked our regular contributors through e-mail The 2010’s decade will be over in 4 months. What do you think people will remember this decade for? We got many interesting responses. Here are some of them. We have just copied and pasted their responses, not editing them in any way.

1. The social media explosion.

– Pillens_burknerkorv

2. I don’t like this realization.

– KoniginTone

3. The rise of the smartphone. Everyone has access to the internet and can voice their opinion towards the world at any moment with all the negative effects that it brings.

– harambe4prezident

4. My generation is going to be known for wanting to die and memes.

Guess we can replace generation for a decade.

– glamatovic

5. The Meme Renaissance.

– kkincz733

6. Netflix/ streaming (it was available before 2010 but didn’t get reliable until after).

Swipe dating apps, the word “online dating” and dating sites are now swapped with the phrases “dating apps”.

– Kittenlover227

7. People are gonna reminisce about how good the 2010s were. They may not seem good now, but just wait to see what the ’20s have in store for you.

– BuffDontNerf

8. The incredible rise of misinformation and irresponsible kneejerk reaction choices on very serious topics.

– Matuno

9. The death of traditional media.

Printed newspapers and periodicals, broadcast television and radio are fading. And while digital music way predates the 2010s, it took until this decade for pop stars to stop “selling” albums. They aren’t tallying CD sales anymore, they’re counting unique streams.

– tylerss20

10. From a design/aesthetic standpoint:

  • Minimalism/Flat design, mostly due to the rise of tablets and browsing the internet on mobile devices. Clean lines, simple colors like black, white and grey.

  • TV commercials: Early 2010s ads are backed by upbeat xylophone/triangle/whistling/hand-clapping music, or people breakdancing or doing “the worm” to obnoxious dubstep music. The late 2010s have vivid colors and imagery, vaporwave-style aesthetics, and loud over-the-top spokespeople talking fast in the middle of the screen (think “Captain Obvious” from the Hotels.com commercials or Terry Crews from the Old Spice commercials).

  • Entering a new golden age of automotive design. Almost every new car from the decade is elaborately styled. Car interiors with angular, intricate dashboards (like the Ford Escape, Chevy Equinox or Hyundai Santa Fe). This might end in the 2020s as crash safety technology requires more new cars to look the same, and car interiors will replace dashboards and gauges with touch screens (Thanks, Tesla).

  • A move away from chain restaurants and the rise of food trucks and locally-owned restaurants that all feature string lighting, outdoor tables with giant Jenga blocks, Edison bulbs, and a craft beer selection written on a chalkboard.

  • All houses are painted in that “greige” color and have all-white kitchens with that same white subway tile backsplash. There is probably a barn door, shiplap accent wall, and a fiddle-leaf fig inside.

– Meetybeefy

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Last Update: September 12, 2019