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The 2010’s decade will be over in 4 months. What do you think people will remember this decade for?

11. From a video game standpoint, this is the decade of the indie explosion, esports, battle royales, and microtransactions.

From a cinematic standpoint, this is the age of superheroes. Comic book movies dominated in the last decade and they are not going anywhere anytime soon.

– itayfeder

12. The horrific turn the Area 51 raid took resulting in hundreds dead and the unleashing of angry captive aliens upon the world to exact their revenge on humanity.

– hiero_

13. The wild switch from President Obama to President Trump.

– Victor_HardApple

14. I’m just hoping that the ’20s will be the resurgence of gangster suits, black fedoras, and saying things like, “I’ll punch you into mush, see?”

– realtomatocatsup

15. They will remember how great Summer 2016 was.

– Couloumbs4ce

16. Depression and memes. But really I think mental health will be one of the biggest problems going forward and this is going to be known as the times when it emerged as a problem.

– Eros2828

17. The Syrian civil war and rise and fall of the Islamic State.

– StrangerAttractor

18. Minecraft’s rise, fall and rise again.

– Hamwich333

19. “People ask me where I’m going to be in four months, I don’t have 2020 vision” jokes…

– RedLMR56

20. The dress was blue.

– Goodnoodle5

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  • #13

    The Great era of TRUMP!!!!!!

    Finally, a President that neither Republicans or Democrats can control….LOL

    BTW That can be good or bad depending on your sense of humor…


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