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The 2010’s decade will be over in 4 months. What do you think people will remember this decade for?

21. The beginning of automation. A ton of jobs are already automated but this decade was probably the true beginning, from testing driverless cars and drones to entire service industries being replaced by self-service counters. This will truly be the beginning of automated industries.

– aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa01

22. Outrage addiction.

– lemonylol

23. How’re y’all gonna leave out the most influential trend of the 2010’s?!?

Fidget Spinners

They united us as a nation in a time where our country was divided more than ever

They solved ADD overnight while boosting our economy to levels unseen since the POG craze of the ’90s!

– notonmyswatch

24. Party Rock.

– Megadude4098

25. Gangnam style and harambe.

– Very_Bi_Badger

26. Our inability to come together and tackle climate change.

– SacrificetotheDogs

27. The death of brick and mortar and the rise of Amazon Prime.

– elizabethbraddock

28. In historical terms, fifty years from now, it’s probably going to be seen as the end of the Sixth Party System in US politics.

  • An increase in small-dollar donations for political candidates, especially on the left.

  • Increasing partisanship between the left and the right.

  • A swing towards progressivism on the left (as seen by the rise of Sanders, Warren, and AOC).

  • The (slow) weakening of the Religious Right, as evidenced by the willingness of evangelicals to look the other way on their ‘moral purity’ tests, and the (depressingly speedy) rise of the Nationalist Right.

  • The push towards women and minority representation in government.

In political terms, the 2000s were all about terror; the 2010s are going to be remembered for upending the political landscape.

– Portarossa

29. I think it might be seen as a time of real change. We legalized gay marriage, a handful of states have legalized marijuana, and whatever your opinion of it is, the “#metoo” movement has been a big deal.

– thirty-seven37

30. Men’s styles – patterned short-sleeved button-down shirts, flannel shirts, beards, high and tight haircuts.

Women’s styles – yoga pants, athleisure, jumpsuits/rompers, “Coachella” attire (don’t know how else to describe this but it’s a distinct look).

Music – country, mumble hip hop, bad repetitive pop, EDM and festivals.

Tech – automation, social media, data, mobile phones, influencers.

– madshm3411

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  • #13

    The Great era of TRUMP!!!!!!

    Finally, a President that neither Republicans or Democrats can control….LOL

    BTW That can be good or bad depending on your sense of humor…


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