Literature – written works filled with artistic merits, some of which transcend the passage of time – is as important to society is as the education, healthcare, or justice system is. Literature acts both as a form of expression for writers or a window of new perspectives for readers. Literature is a strong way to develop a well-rounded worldview and better understand the world we live in.

Literature isn’t Just Old-Timey Books

A common misconception is that literature just pertains to books penned decades, if not centuries, ago. Perhaps that view is the result of thinking that literature must pass the test of time. What’s wrong with that line of thought is that for written works to pass the test of time, society must see their artistic, philosophical, or educational merits by first reading them.

Modernism in literature exists today. Modern (also called contemporary) and young writers must be paid attention to. All of us when studying have to deal with writing at certain point – is it a school essay, or a book review for literature class. If it feels like a burden and you simply can’t do it, you can try to find essay writers for hire to help you out. But it’s always a good idea to try yourself. What if you are good at it and will become next Charles Dickens destined to give this world what will become timeless literature one day.  We just have to see it today. 

Incidentally, a lot of classic literature is penned by famous British writers, and a lot of the modern writers of our time hail from the United Kingdom. Here are the four best modernist writers from the United Kingdom.

4 Best Modern British Writers of the 21st Century

Hilary Mantel

Hilary Mantel has the gift of resurrecting characters from centuries ago through her use of language. She is best known for bringing into life characters from the court of Henry VIII in her book Wolf Hall. She is also an essayist focusing on the “terrors in the name of the church and torture in the name of the state.” She writes about the Tudor monarchy and the French Revolution. Witty, ferocious, and unforgiving, Hilary Mantel’s works are excellent reads for aspiring writers.

Zadie Smith

It’s impossible to curate a list of our time’s best modern writers without including Zadie Smith. Novelist, essayist, short-story writer – she knows her way around putting reality on paper. She combines savvy humor, sharp dialogue, and quaint characters to paint the world’s view on cultural identity, religion, and race. She made her debut with the book White Teeth.

Anyone, no matter what race, religion, gender identity, or age, will gain insights from this writer. You’ll better learn how our modern society works, plus gain awareness of how to write better if you’re an aspiring writer.

Ian McEwan

If you’re intrigued with the story of the movie Atonement, with Keira Knightley and James McAvoy, then you’ve seen the power of Ian McEwan’s writing. He published the book with the same title back in 2001.

McEwan has the power to depict the depths of human emotions at their extremest. He is at his best in the short form. He never fails to capture what it is to feel. If his works are not literature, nothing is.

David Mitchell

Reading the works of this visionary 21st-century fictional writer will take you to philosophical depths and scientific heights. David Mitchell’s books, the most famous of which is Cloud Atlas (2004), are ambitious. Their intricate plots delicately traverse different genres within the same novel.

His works are as creative as they are scientific. He creates diverse narratives, interconnected stories, and interesting characters.

Reading and Studying Literature is for Everyone

There is a problem in the modern world. In an era of streaming television series and movies, as well as easily finding answers on the net, society has grown accustomed to thinking that every question has a quick answer. However, there is a complexity to human conflicts and problems. These complexities are hidden among the pages of literature.

Literature is not just for literary students or aspiring writers. These famous, modern British writers use literature to dissect the world and open it to our eyes. Their modernism in literature lets us understand the world better. We just have to take the time to delve into the worlds they created – and ultimately learn from them.

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Last Update: March 23, 2021