Among many other reasons why you should visit Spain, their traditions and authentic cultural background stand out like nothing else. These seemingly stereotypical features that make up Spain’s face are often the highlights of your vacation, one more historically important than the other. 

Today, however, we are only addressing bullfighting. Otherwise known as corrida de toros, bullfighting is quite often deemed a blood sport and even unethical or inhumane, but only a few know that the tradition of corrida comes from the ancient worship of the bulls. 

So, if you understand this particular Hispanic tradition, crave a look, or want to find out more, check out the best places to see them this year! For now, let’s leave the capital city, travel from Madrid to Seville by train, and settle in – there are corridas to see. 

Plaza de Toros

A place of many names, high significance, and years of history, Plaza de Toros, more commonly referred to as La Maestranza, is one of Seville’s most emblematic monuments and the most authentic place to hold corrida de toros – it is the original and official bullring. 

The oval arena dates back to the mid-18th century, with a Baroque facade and highly-preserved seating area, which can actually house more than 13 thousand people. Obviously, Plaza de Toros is the number one choice if you want to see bullfighters, as it stands for long-time tradition and Spanish history. 

La Maestranza is mainly busy during the largest bullfighting festival in the world, Feria de Abril, but you can visit it at any time. Yes, they have a museum – obviously! Seek out the historical side of corridas; at the Bullfighting Museum in Plaza de Toros, you will discover paintings, statues, and all kinds of other objects that mean the world to Spaniards and should end up among the things to absolutely remember. 


Technically a separate city, belonging to the province of Seville, Ecija is an Andalusian community known for its expansive agriculture, pristine textile industry and, of course, bullfighting. 

Though nothing can quite compare to La Maestranza in its significance and size, many parts of Seville are also into commemorating this Spanish tradition, its people gathering in smaller areas to see some exciting corridas de toro. And Ecija is one of those places. Quite humble and quiet as a city, it has a great stadium with comfortable seating, so keep watchful for tickets! 


Another less-known but just as convenient place to catch a bullfighting show, Espartinas is your Spanish dream with some distinct Romanian background. Sold yet? 

The multipurpose venue of Espartinas holds all kinds of shows and performances, yet bullfighting remains its most important event of the year. The area is extremely small, however, which can feel like both a good thing and a bad one. Obviously, there will be no rush of people, and you will sit quite comfortably, but many find it a bit scary to be in such close proximity when it comes to bulls. 

If that does not scare you in the slightest, do not waste any more time and purchase the tickets. The Neo-Classical bullring never stays available for long, and knowing the limited space, you might have to try harder to attend! 


Let’s move forward and explore yet another historic town of Seville, known for its deep-rooted traditions and bullfighting. 

Osuna is actually quite often compared to the nearby Ecija, both similar in appearance and overall historical cityscape. However, Osuna is a bit older, and its main stadium for corridas dates back to the very beginning of the 20th century. Like many other towns and cities in Spain, it has a special place of importance for bullfighting and celebrates the tradition once a year in May. 

Place your purchase and go for a day trip! Osuna is exciting even without the high-quality shows of corridas, so why not do some exploring? 


Lastly, let’s travel south of Seville to the charming town of Carmona. Full of history, culture, and very friendly Spaniards, it is criminally underrated, but the lack of tourists might actually be in your favor! 

The one particular thing about Carmona that is so appealing to adventure lovers is their high respect for all kinds of traditional outdoor sports. Aside from a bullfighting pit, you can see plenty of shows, including horse riding, races, and others. 

Similarly to Espartinas, they only have small stages and close-quarter seating areas, but all is kept totally safe and enjoyable, so do more research on when and where – Carmona’s bullfighting season eagerly awaits your attention! 

While some say that the museums, cultural life, and cuisine are the pillars to understanding a country, you must add bullfighting if you want to see authentic Spain. People from all around the world travel just for the shows, impatiently waiting for the well-rehearsed and professional performances, great views, and deep-rooted traditions. So, join, and have the best Spanish holiday ever! 

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Last Update: April 6, 2023