College. One of the last steps you will take before you fully step out into the world to challenge the world. Movies have glamorized college for you, with beautiful people partying in frat houses, two different souls connecting in love, and everything else. It’s only for you to get to the same college and find it soul-sapping. 

The college has different activities that can consume you if you aren’t tactical. There are classes, assignments, essays, and extracurricular activities that threaten to burn you out. You don’t even have the time to spend on and nurture yourself. You are always running on fumes, and you have realized what other college students did. It is impossible to do everything by yourself. 

You need something to help you with the workload, especially those tedious essays. You probably are thinking, can’t I pay someone to write my essay for me. Well, you most certainly can. Well,  essay writing websites exist for this purpose, but it begs the question. How do you identify such an effective writing service? 

Not to worry. In this post, we have the best essay services for you to use. Read on and choose the best essay review service for you. 

The Best Writing Services. 


We are going to discuss these services below.

The only thing that could be a con of using IS their pricelist which isn’t that friendly. For a page, they could collect up to $21 from you, but it is absolutely worth the price if we are honest. Plus, they have discounts that you could take advantage of when it comes to payment. 

They use a team of experts, and when it comes to pedigree, they have been operating since 1997. Their long years of existence have provided them with experience, and through this experience, they can deliver any paper. This writing service can write;

  • Technical essays 
  • Reports 
  • Dissertation
  • Thesis. 

Apart from writing, you can submit already written works to them, which they will review and edit accordingly. So, they have a dynamic operation. This operation is not only impressive but discreet as they don’t share information and all your transactions are safe with them.  

In addition, they have excellent customer support who works round the clock to make sure the service is a great fit for you.

As a lifetime client, you would get 30% off all payments you want to make. Impressive, isn’t it? Even more impressive is their service, which is also quite expansive. They work with professors and Ph.D. holders who have a mastery of the English language. These experts have been writing for so long, and they can write more than essays. They provide a great thesis too. 

When reading their work, you will be amazed at the detail in research and their ability to simplify complex works. 

Speaking of their price, they are a bit on the high side. It costs $19.95 for each essay page and $23.99 for dissertations. However, these prices could change if you have a shorter deadline date. So, please plan and order early. 

Navigating their website is a delight as they have a friendly user interface. In addition, you will likely have a positive customer experience with them as they have responsive customer service.

You will enjoy the best thesis writing service as it has writers that are not only capable of writing but great at interpreting instructions. Once you contact the team at and provide the instructions you need, they will wow you. However, you must be knowledgeable about what you want to write so they can handle your brief efficiently. 

This paid writing platform can handle multiple forms of writing, including essay and academic writing. They can also provide writing scholarships and admission applications. Don’t forget they are experts in writing business plans too. So, they are an all-rounder. 

They are a bit on the high side, but they have some discounts to help make payment easier.

You already know these guys don’t play when it comes to their deadlines from their name. Deadlines are crucial for writing, and no matter how brilliant a writer is, if they don’t pay attention to deadlines, they are as good as useless. So, priorities deadlines. 

However, their goal of meeting deadlines doesn’t tamper with their ability to produce quality work. They employ the best hands, and these hands are experienced writers with matching qualifications. 

Also, they have excellent customer support, which will provide you with what you need promptly. 


Using paid writing platforms could be the only way to enjoy your stay in college. So pick any of the ones we have reviewed and feel relaxed knowing you are in safe hands. 

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Last Update: June 29, 2022