The Best Students are NOT the Most Successful

People often equate good grades with success. However, that is not always the case. According to studies, the best students in school or college may not necessarily succeed in life. Rather, a person who never went to college might turn out to be a millionaire. 

We don’t mean to say studying is not useful. Everyone must go to school and complete their education. However, you must focus on developing a few skills while in college to ensure a successful future. Online services such as Chegg and Studybay provide assistance with “do my assignments” and “write an assignment for me” requests. So, you can seek guidance with your homework to save time and learn new things.

Now, let’s find out why the best students are not always successful in life. Moreover, we will discuss a few good study habits and skills that help you excel in your career. 

Good Students May Not Think Critically

Our curriculum seldom teaches us to think critically. You learn a range of subjects, but most only provide you with information.

There are not many opportunities to work on something or solve problems. As a result, top performers in school cannot solve problems efficiently in life. 

Developing critical thinking is a must to succeed in your studies and career. Moreover, you will be able to come up with apt solutions for everyday challenges. For example, you may create excellent life hacks that are useful and smart. 

Most importantly, you will build a great career as you can solve the problems of your clients and offer the right solution. 

So, develop your critical thinking in college for bright days ahead.

Top Performers in School May Lack Collaboration Skills

Our education system teaches us to compete with each other. We try to do our best to get top grades and secure a job. Collaboration is not the priority apart from doing a few projects together. 

Therefore, the best students may lack collaboration skills that are important for success in life. You will need to collaborate with other people in your work to perform your duties. 

Everyone is part of a team and works together to achieve a common goal.

So, build your collaboration skills while you are in college. Connect with classmates and peers to discuss assignments, coursework, and lessons. 

You can also work on different projects together, even outside of your studies. For example, you can team up with your friends to create YouTube videos or build a website. 

Meritorious Students May Lack Interpersonal Skills

The best performers in class may not always have many friends. They also mingle mostly with people who share the same qualities and zeal for studies. 

Moreover, they may not socialize as often as others do. 

The whole situation leads to a sense of isolation and loneliness in adulthood. It may even reduce motivation and inspiration to become a successful person. 

Therefore, develop your interpersonal skills in college. Talk to different people from different walks of life. Experience the diversity in people and cultures to broaden your mind and knowledge. 

These skills will make you a great leader in the future. You will be able to connect with everyone and influence their opinions. 

Moreover, you will be a likable person with a thriving social life.

The Best Students Might Not Be Innovative

Innovation is the secret to prosperity and fame. However, school doesn’t teach us to be innovative. 

Instead, it focuses on memorizing texts and earning top grades. So, even expert learners lack a sense of innovation. 

You need to be innovative to make your mark. People who come up with creative ideas and solutions are valued in professional and business circles. 

Moreover, they contribute to the world and create new things. Think of people who came up with ideas to create electric cars, Uber, or Google. 

They are highly successful and known across the world. 

Try to be creative, and don’t suppress your imagination in college. Get to know new things and developments in areas that interest you. 

Moreover, try to solve problems to improve your innovative capabilities. 

Top Students Are Afraid to Fail

The best performers in school or college are afraid to fail. They want to be the best and do everything perfectly. 

As a result, they are even afraid to make mistakes. 

However, failure is a natural part of life. Moreover, you can learn a lot from your failures and implement the lessons in your life and work to succeed. 

So, don’t be afraid to experiment or fail. Moreover, learning to accept your failures as a natural part of learning. 

Thomas Edison failed thousands of times trying to invent the light bulb. However, it did not stop him from becoming one of the most well-known inventors in the world. 

Good Students Are Too Obedient

Our education system places high importance on being obedient. You have to follow what your teachers say and ask you to do. 

There is no room for asking questions or originality. It also discourages critical thinking and imagination. 

The best students think being obedient is the way to excel. So, they never learn to think outside the box or use their imagination. They only become better at developing good study habits, which are not always helpful in life. 

You should listen to your teachers but practice your thinking skills at the same time. College gives you more freedom to interact with teachers frankly and ask questions. 

So, use every opportunity to quench your curiosity. Moreover, try to learn meaningful things that help you in the future, such as:

  • How to be a happy person
  • How to develop healthy relationships
  • How to work smart

The Best Students Only Know How to Get a Job

Education encourages us to study hard, get top grades, and secure a job. The top performers follow this formula into their adult years and view a job as the ultimate success. 

Schools don’t teach you entrepreneurial skills. You don’t learn to launch or manage a business or personal venture. 

As a result, most good students don’t turn out to be entrepreneurs or business leaders. They remain satisfied with a job with a high salary. 

Famous people like Steve Jobs did not perform well at school. However, he is one of the most well-known entrepreneurs in the world. 

Therefore, develop your interests in the right areas while in college. Watch videos on how to start and manage a business. 

You can even study subjects like MBA to hone your entrepreneurial skills.


The best students may not always be successful in life. You must develop a few key competencies while you are in college to succeed. The list includes interpersonal skills, critical thinking, innovation, and learning from your failures. 

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Last Update: February 10, 2023