The hard drive is crucial for us as it holds a large range of valuable records, such as photographs, videos, papers, and more. While this is a vital method, the sad truth is that regardless of the make and type of hard drive you buy, all hard drives will inevitably malfunction. Hard drives do not last forever. A hard drive’s functionality is often compromised by environmental conditions including moisture and temperature, as well as, mishandling. And while recovering data from a hard disc, people commit severe errors. Hard disc drive management faults involve two detrimental failures that individuals may make (HDDs).

1. Freezer Trick

The internet is an excellent platform for hard drive crashes, and people use it to search for support. Search engines are an excellent tool when employed properly, but blindly seeking their recommendations will contribute to additional issues. Putting a cracked hard drive in the freezer is one of the most ineffective strategies for data recovery on the internet.

This approach operates by having a backup of the data on another computer in the case of another machine freezing. This is great as a tool, but with the advent in technology, it is no longer necessary. Neutralizing stiction (static friction) can be accomplished by using the freezer to cool the motor. However, this can tighten the metal as well. Newer and more modern HDDs have stronger lubrication mechanisms, which greatly decreases the frequency of stiction. This trick therefore is no longer beneficial. Corrosion may occur when HDDs are subjected to freezing temperatures. Should the drive’s platters spin up before the ice has melted, you can end up permanently losing your results.

2. Opening the Hard Drive

Exposure to the environment for even a few seconds seriously affects the hard drive’s factory seal, causing serious harm. The hard drives are factory sealed to prevent dust and airborne pollutants coming inside. To open the motor, it must be done in a clean room laboratory, that is, a factory-like setting.

The task is, thus, performed by HDD data recovery and drive saver engineers who have expertise in recovering lost data in the safest environment. A faulty seal will invalidate the manufacturer’s warranties. However, certified data recovery engineers are recognized by these HDD manufacturers to open their hard drives without affecting the drive‚Äôs warranty. Therefore, to recover your valuable data and fix crashed hard drive, it is wise to take help of a professional external hard drive data recovery services and drive saver engineer.

To prevent any such unfortunate event where you lose your precious data, it is best practice to always have a backup. You will render hard disc drives last longer if you take care of them.

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Last Update: March 12, 2021