July 27, 2006
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Of interest, when the Museum of Natural History was running the exhibit, Dragons, Unicorns and Mermaids, a “feejee mermaid” made an appearance. She even posed at the real thing! They claim the monstrosity in taxidermy is over 100 years old, and was discovered in 1973. This specimen may currently reside in the Peabody Museum.

  2. Ashley says:

    Very informative, but I’ve seen a picture of P.T. Barnum himself holding the creature and displaying it at something like a press conference. I’m not sure if it was actual picture or footage though.

  3. maria says:

    wow okay this is just kinda creepy i meen i know memaids are real but i never thaught that there was such things as real evil scary memaids…..uhh i cant think about this any more its giving me the creeps…Tonight im just going to try to dream about non evil memaids.:(

  4. Lisa says:

    Im from

  5. purple says:

    cool i beleave in mermaids

  6. Blue says:

    The riplleys musem in gatlinburg tn has one an says its the real one

    1. J Tithonus Pednaud says:

      Just about every museum with one claims it is the original.

  7. Old Greg says:

    I’m a scaley manfish.

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