In this article, we are going to share with you the main chronics and American Imperialism historical facts. Do you know that America was the first country where this political movement started? Are you aware that America has never been an empire?

Moreover, we will also share its evolution and impact on education, universities, classes, etc. Are you interested in a mini-lesson from us? Continue reading, and we will regale you with a brief, detailed story and make all-pants in this period of the USA history!

What Is The Idea And Principle Of American Imperialism?

The Imperialism of the States was about the policy of government supremacy in the world. It aimed to achieve total control and oversee the world by using warlike force and territorial acquisition. 

America started to stop the colonies of Europe and grow the territories this way. The desire of Americans to annex the equator of the Pacific Ocean was obvious after the announcement of the Destiny Manifestation. Later, the USA did it during the war with Spain. By the way, the desire for war was initiated by Indians after 1774, when the States passed independence. 

Imperialism At Academic Facilities

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Liberalism And Its Impact On American Empire

Liberalism is political development and faith in justice, equality, human rights, and freedom in the United States of America, it started almost in the same period as imperialism. America became the first republic in the world that supported the same rights for everybody. Everyone had the opportunity to become educated. 

The attitudes between liberalism and imperialism were conflicting.  The idea of the first one was to finish wars because it was a tyrannical rule. Later, the same thought was about communism and fascism. Liberalism was met among oppositionists, but in the 19th century, liberalism won. There is no doubt why: this movement started among dark-skinned; however, after passing the Bill Of Rights and other documents, it was twisting on. 

Top-10 Facts About Imperialism In The USA

Meet a list of top-10 American Imperialism historical facts:

  1. States have been incriminated in using political, cultural, and economic pressures to influence the world (neocolonialism). 
  2. The influence of the United States increased in Latin America after the Monroe Doctrine and Roosevelt Corollary; it became the fundament of their political deals.
  3. The USA enveloped expansionism to become a leading state of world affairs.
  4. Imperialism was a juicy experience. To understand the reaches: it started in 1890, and in 1896 USA already grabbed the territories of the Panama Canal, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Hawaiian Islands.
  5. During the American-Spanish war, the empire of liberalism annexed lots of territories. Cuba Colonia got independence. States also expanded a decent part of the Spanish Pacific Ocean.
  6. The result of the Mexican-American war in 1846 was the broadening of 525 thousand square miles by the USA.
  7. America had never been an empire, but its actions made other countries count.
  8. On the 15th, the New World was opened. It included the Americas, Atlantic, and Pacific islands. They became the new aim for most countries. However, America was the most successful in expansion.
  9. The imperialism of states was specific. It used military and economic powers (hard authority) and soft powers, including diplomacy and culture.
  10. Colonialism and imperialism were related and correlated. Both of them aimed to get foreign territory. However, countries like Great Britain, France, Germany, Russia, and others with a king on the throne were similar to colonialism. For the part of the United States, expansion was aimed just to widen the territories, getting the leading position but not making colonies with a working power.

Here we end our list of facts. Wasn’t it fascinating? We are sure you’ve got some food for thought about the history of the USA and imperialism.

Final Considerations

1774 is the year when the USA republic became independent. Exactly in this period, imperialism appeared. Nonetheless, it’s a formal consideration because the United States of America has never been an empire. This federal republic went to foreign invasion territories to get the leading position in all world aspects and affairs.

Hence, countries of the Old World started thinking about new and aggressive empires. The USA was using hard power as well as soft ones. During the wars, it also annexed the decent parts of the territories of Mexico and the Spanish Pacific aquatoria. 

Speaking about American Imperialism historical facts, one of them was the opposition movement of liberalism. Its aim was freedom, democracy, and the same rights for everybody. Liberals were sure that imperialism, fascism, and communism were tyrannical powers. 

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