Is a VoIP number real? Businesses and individuals are constantly asking these kinds of questions because these products can seem too good to be true. Because of the love-hate relationship many have with landlines, businesses are opting for something to make them stand out from their competitors.

Having an instant connection with your customers allows you to be in the loop and ready to act at a moment’s notice. This is one of the benefits of a traditional line, but it’s outweighed by the costs, dealing with the tangled cables and the technical checks to ensure everyone has the best experience.

If you’ve been wondering why there’s been such rapid growth in virtual phone systems, then look no further as we explore what has led to this phenomenon.

What Is a Virtual Phone System?

You might require an upgrade if you find yourself having to be stuck in one location when taking a phone call. Landlines restrict movement, causing nervous back-and-forth movements that don’t stimulate thinking. The era of the landline and cell phones just doesn’t cut it anymore.

A virtual phone system, otherwise known as a cloud-based service, lets you make calls from wherever you have an internet connection. Through the use of an app, you can easily transform your cell phone or browser into a device with high calling quality and outstanding features.

When you make a call, it is forwarded to your provider in real-time, who then transforms your call into a data packet. Those data packets are then delivered to the receiver with ease. The process takes less than a second, so there’s no lag time during your call.

Because of its rapid growth, new features are constantly being added to the technology. All you have to do is update your app to get the newest upgrades. You don’t need to change your gadgets or even upgrade any hardware.

VoIP Benefits

Some helpful features that might catch your attention when using virtual phone systems include:

  • auto attendants
  • call recording
  • voicemail to text 
  • multiple numbers 
  • and more.

With benefits like these, it’s no wonder the technology is continuously growing.

Help your business compete with bigger companies by having auto attendants. Take advantage of this feature by having an automated virtual assistant direct calls to the correct recipients. Having an auto attendant saves money as you don’t need to hire multiple receptionists.

Callers can get their answers directly by following the instructions. This means fewer misplaced calls than a live agent might make. More time for you means more time focusing on other activities that can help elevate your business to the next level.

Two Key Features Fostering The Growth

Here are two VoIP features that drive the industry:

  1. An auto attendant provides a consistent quality that a human might not be able to provide every single time. You can sleep knowing that your calls are being handled the right way. Unlike your competitors, an auto attendant handles calls outside of your business hours as well.
  2. Voicemail to email allows you to respond quickly using your smart device and send voicemails to anyone in your business. It becomes easy to stay on top of everything happening around you with a simple notification that keeps you in the loop.

It becomes easier to send an acknowledgment to your callers if you’re unable to get back to them at a moment’s notice. This lets your clients know that you are not ignoring them, and they appreciate it even more, as some businesses don’t have the time to take their calls.

This simplifies forwarding messages to clients. Having a constant record becomes simpler as voicemail becomes easier to file away once transformed from voicemail to email. 

How VoIP Telephone Systems Are Transforming Small Business Communication

Convenience and accessibility are two of the many things customers are looking out for when deciding on whether to give businesses their money. VoIP has been ahead of the game because this is what its business model is about.

Never has it been more crucial to align yourself with your customer’s technological expectations than now. Never miss a call by having all phones ring simultaneously. This avoids the problem of workers not taking responsibility when the phone rings. Sales reps now have no excuses.

The next great option is sequential ringing. When the most qualified person is busy, the call will bounce to an available agent. The common practice for using sequential ringing is to have a call forward from an office phone to your mobile and then voicemail if no one is available. Here are some important aspects for you to learn:


SIP is the key technology that’s used in this feature. SIP, or Session Initiation Protocol, has been doing wonders for businesses time and time again. SIP takes the request that’s sent once a call is made to its proxy server, then passes it along to the addresses listed on the menu. 

Small businesses have seen a transformation in their productivity by using VoIP Telephone Systems. Having the VoIP app on the go allows you and your associates to work wherever you are.


Sales associates no longer need to wait until they get back to the office to fulfill a client’s request; a simple phone call back to the production manager can have it taken care of within a few seconds.

Meetings are an important part of many businesses but what is not as important is the constant mumbling of, “Can you hear me now?” You need quality audio for your system to get the most out of your meeting, especially if some members are outside the country.

Multiple built-in microphones partnered with an echo-cancellation background give you the crisp sound that you’re looking for to ensure you never have to worry about another audio issue again. With Bluetooth or ethernet, pick the right connection and make every call count.

The Future of Business Communications

It’s no stretch to say that business communications are constantly evolving. Each year new features are added to VoIP, which push the technology further away from landlines. New trends for business communications are moving towards cybersecurity.

The increased use of cloud services and the Internet of Things are some of the reasons why communication is moving towards cybersecurity. As we start to depend on smart technology, cybersecurity is improving along with us to keep our information safe from criminals.

Threats To Virtual Phone System

Cyber-attacks are no longer only threatening large corporations. Small businesses are now seeing the risk to their business and are starting to take action. As a matter of fact, smaller businesses are at a greater risk because of a lack of resources and insufficient training.

Both small and large businesses are taking extra precautions to protect their customers’ confidential information. Frequent password changes and learning about common industry attacks are some of the best ways to help your workers stay vigilant when it comes to protecting your clients.

The Growth of IoT

The increased use of IoT has led to the development of new smart devices. IoT comprises many different technologies, one of the earliest being Bluetooth. One of the newest is M2M, which gives important daily data on businesses. M2M stands for Machine to Machine.

Businesses are continuously using new IoT technology to develop new ways of collecting data. The most important way that it’s being used is for the new training of employees and looking to see where improvements can be made to better the company.

Integrated Technology

Smart technologies are starting to become popular businesses, and they are starting to grow and globalize. Smart technologies are no strangers to everyday life, but businesses are finding new ways to take advantage of these devices, from smartwatches and phones to smart homes!

New businesses are seemingly popping out of nowhere as new smart technologies are created. Everything from light switches to coffee pots is now being automated in various offices around the world. Workers will soon have to learn to use these smart systems; they are here to stay.

Keeping employees informed about these new changes can only help with their integration. Older generations may need more time to get familiar with the changes.

Tech Evolution 

As technology evolves, companies will need to focus on making their operations faster by providing quicker connections that can keep up with the progress. The latest VoIP can provide your business with the most reliable connection for the lowest price. 

The fifth generation of mobile internet, or 5G, is helping to reduce latency in a way its predecessors were unable to do. With the rise of 5G, connecting with your clients is going to become even easier. Telecom companies are working to provide the market with a more efficient 5G Network. 

One main benefit of this new network is its functionality without environmental disturbance from the likes of snow and rain. The previous generation network was hindered during heavy weather conditions, leaving many without a reliable internet connection. 5G solves that problem.

Don’t get left behind with the growth of the virtual phone system. Keep up by making sure you have features that work with your business and make sure your system is always updated. By taking our advice, you’ll be ahead of your competitors before you know it.


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