Here are 28 Interesting Theme Park facts.

1-5 Theme Park Facts

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1. In the mid-2000s, Disney bid the rights to use Harry Potter for theme park attractions. However, Disney refused to give its creative control to JK Rowling’s demands, and JK Rowling went to Universal Parks & Resorts instead, in which Universal gave her terms. – Source

2. A Mexican theme park stages a fake border crossing with a 7.5-mile night hike for about $18 a person. – Source

3. A theme park in Lithuania recreates life as a USSR citizen. Visitors have their belongings confiscated, wear gas masks, experience interrogation, and must learn the Soviet anthem. Their reward is a shot of vodka. – Source

4. Selfie sticks are banned from all Disney theme parks. – Source

5. Some roller coasters are recycled by selling them and moving them to other theme parks. This is partly because a reclaimed roller coaster can cost 80% less than a new one. One roller coaster, Tsunami, has been at 4 different theme parks since 1986. – Source

6-10 Theme Park Facts

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6. The theme parks at Disney World are built on the second story because it was built over a system of tunnels called “utilidors”, but because of Florida’s high water table, the tunnels could not be put underground. – Source

7. There’s a theme park in Japan where kids can experience adult life (working, banking, etc). – Source

8. Disney makes twice as much money from their theme parks than what they make from their actual movies. – Source

9. There is a theme park in Transylvania that’s 400 feet below ground. Once a salt mine and cheese storing facility, visitors can ride a Ferris wheel, row around a lake, play mini golf, and more. – Source

10. There is a 12 meter tall fully articulated mechanical elephant that can take 49 passengers for a 45-minute walk. – Source

11-15 Theme Park Facts

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11. In South Korea, there is a sex theme park called Love Land and features 140 sculptures representing humans in various sexual positions. – Source

12. There’s a “virtual reality theme park” being built in Utah where players wear sensors on their head, hands, torso, and feet which allow them to play a VR game in a physical space in real time. Players can interact with physical objects and other people as well as digital objects. – Source

13. The Window of the World theme park in China has a cremation simulator. Visitors climb into coffins & are carried on a conveyor belt with heat & light projections simulating the effects of a real funeral-home incinerator. It hopes to enlighten people on death & help them make better life choices. – Source

14. The Japanese built an attraction park that is a replica of a Dutch city complete with famous landmarks costing around $2,5 billion. – Source

15. The theme park “Epcot” at Walt Disney World, Florida is actually an acronym. It stands for “Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow”. – Source

16-20 Theme Park Facts

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16. There’s a small theme park/town in South Carolina called South of the border. It started as a beer stand for people from North Carolina to drink since their county didn’t sell alcohol. The attraction grew and now has shops, restaurants, firework stands, and a small amusement park. – Source

17. In Italy, there exists a small theme park named “Ai Pioppi” that was made by an old tavern owner in a duration of 40 years, every ride there is DIY and self-powered. – Source

18. The abandoned Land of Oz theme park, deserted for decades, reopens just once a year for two days leading up to Halloween. – Source

19. There is an abandoned theme park in China called “Wonderland” that never opened. – Source

20. Parts of Jurassic World were filmed at the abandoned Six Flags theme park in New Orleans. – Source

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