21-25 Theme Park Facts

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21. On Universal Studios Florida theme park, the roller coaster ride Rip Ride Rockit has a hidden code system for extra songs the rider can listen to while riding. – Source

22. Legoland was the first theme park to have their own currency. – Source

23. Pablo Escobar’s house is now a theme park. – Source

24. At one point in the 1970’s, there were six different theme-parks inspired by the Flintstones in North America and that in 2015, a derelict park called ‘Bedrock City’ was put for sale, listed at $2 million. – Source

25. South Korea built a theme park dedicated to toilets and the crap that goes in them. – Source

26-28 Theme Park Facts

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26. China has a Dwarf Theme Park called “Kingdom of the Little People” that employs over 100 Chinese dwarves to sing and dance. – Source

27. In 1986 it was planned to turn Battersea Power Station into a British theme park. – Source

28. There is a theme park called “Ferrari World” with a log flume where guests go through a V12 Engine. – Source


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